Enclave Slave Profession

The Drak enclaves of eastern Maldaakore as vast affairs, walled off from the poisonous dust and decay in the wastes outside they are fortresses of survival, but making a pocket of comfort in these harshest of lands requires the sweat of a great many lash-scarred backs, and these backs belong to the Enclave Slaves. It is to the downtrodden and indentured Malorns that the duty of keeping the fastnesses of their ash-skinned cousins falls. The life of an enclave slave is one of unending servitude and toil. At best they will experience desperate poverty, and at worst brutal mistreatment at the hands of their masters. They are tools, to be used until broken then cast aside and left to rot, or else recycled into something more terrible and grisly. The most fortunate might hope that they become personal servitors of one or more members of the household - trailing after the proper Drak servants of their cruel overlords collecting their leavings and servicing their whims - for such a place is unrivalled in its comfort and the ease of its duties.

Regions: Unholy Wastes.
Tech. Code: 3, while slavery is young the enclaves are a trapping of high-Drak culture.
Rarity: 2, it is hard to imagine an enclave without a compliment of slave families.
Social Class: 0, slaves are chattels, more lowly than beasts.
Fame: 1, no one notices a slave save for another slave.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
Skills Acumen - 1 2
Brawn 2 3 4
Farming 2 3 4
Flattery 1 2 2
Herding 2 3 4
Resolve 3 4 6
Stamina 2 3 4
Desert Survival 1 1 2
Wealth 0 0 1
Value 20 39 71

Usual Trappings

  • Dirty rags.
  • Heavy hand and foot wrappings.
  • A mask and goggles for dust storms.
  • Sometimes a simple tool such as a trowel, spade, or shears.