The largest settlement in Werndel and first port of call on the route from Southaven to Reddown and seat of the Earl of Werndel is the port of Ennis. It remains a sore reminder of Sigard’s subjugation that the Earl of Werndel sits on his throne in the very room where Sigard became a nation. Werndel's docks are surprisingly small given their importance, but are all of sunken masonry with worked stone boardwalks around the edge of the water. These are very pleasant places despite the stench of tar and fish, and some of Ennis's most popular homes are to be found along these seaward walkways, watching the ships come and go. The city backs onto a steep rise up to the overlooking hills, and properties often have foundations that rise several feet on the eastern end and are level with the ground on the western. At the top of the hill sit the Earl's keep and a lot of orange and lemon groves.

Region: Ahlonia, The Storm Sea Coast, Werndel
Total Population: 21,100 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

The folk of Ennis are a mixed lot, their Earl's paranoia seems to be slowly rubbing off, and so the folk are often very wary of strangers, but at the same time boats are in and out with goods every day, and half the people that the serfs on the docks encounter are strangers, not to mention all of those caravans coming up and down the Forest Way, and the people certainly recognize that this trade traffic is their livelihood. Ennis merges both the overland and seaward trade routes over the Forest and Forest Bay, and so is probably the cosmopolitan equal of Lierkist or Southaven, though it is nowhere near as key, and is more commonly a stop for goods than a destination. However this does mean that the freemen, and often even the serfs, are richer and lead a better lifestyle. This also means that goods tend to be more expensive in Ennis than elsewhere in Reddown, especially to outsiders.

Aside from the Earl, the local steaders are the Greene and Torias families, some of the most ancient lineages of all of Sigard, and proudly descended from Vagrant-chiefs of old. They are staunch traditionalists, believing in treating their serfs well, keeping their debtors enslaved, and killing goblyns on sight. The Doge of Ennis, an extremely prestigious and well-respected position, is currently Thomas Wern, a distant counsin of the Wern line, who is lucky to still bare the name. The Earl's recent concern with his own security means that Thomas has few guards at his disposal, and lawlessness in the poorer districts, known as "The Slopes" is getting out of hand.

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