Extinct Races Of Allornus

Allornus is a land full of tragedy, and many of its denizens have passed into history or myth. These Extinct Races are either the precursors of current races, such as the changelings or mariners, or the men and myr who fell upon misfortune in war, or the sundering, meaning that their number simply faded from the world. It seems likely that this list is primed to grow.


The first of the living creatures of Allornus to be given souls, the chosen of the divh, the progenitors of the landsmen and beastmen are a race known as the Changelings. They are the ancient link between all of the races of the world, and the origin of all mortal beings. Once changelings were placed upon the world with the ability to freely choose their forms, but they became staid, and forgot their power, choosing forms like those creatures around them, the myr taking the forms of the beasts of the land, and the landsmen emulating the divh sent into the world to guide and foster them. Today no true changelings remain, but the races they spawned have come to unquestionably dominate the world.


Before the divh looked down upon the denizens of the isle of men, and crafted them divh of their own, they were the Slateskins. Barely more than changelings, these narrow shouldered, hairless, grey-skinned men were the first denizens of the Isle of Men. How they chose their shapes is unknown, and it seems that the divh took pity upon their drab, primitive life in showing them the favour of their own divh.


The Mariners were the ancestors of the mhulak, the people they were before they took shelter in their deepings, and were forever changed by generations of hiding beneath the ground. The first of the race of the ogiere, those familiar with modern day Mhulak would likely never recognize these distant ancestors, and their kind long ago vanished from the world of Allornus forever.

White Mhulak

When the mhulak fled into their deepings they thought themselves safe, but in the cataclysmic events of the sundering the earth heaved, and many deepings simply collapsed. In most cases their inhabitants were crushed to death, but in some cases the deepings merely closed, and sealed their occupants forever below the earth. These few became the White Mhulak. Today those deepings still exist below the world, but their inhabitants have long since lost the ability and desire to leave their subterranean homes, even when they have the ability to.


The Nofo were the lofty second tribe of the landsmen, and Nofus was second only to his brother Haederas amongst the Divh, and his wisdom, kindness and justness were much respected by all of the landsmen. Often the master of the Nofo was called upon to settle disputes between the other Divh, and his rulings were always obeyed. But since the inner circle of the Nofo cannibalized their Divhi the race ceased to truly be men, cast from their homeland they brought terrible retribution down upon the whole world, and the meat of the Divh extended their lives, but warped their minds and bodies beyond recognition, until there was nothing left of them. Some say that a few of the greatest survived, and others say that those who did not partake in the flesh of the divhi escaped the sundering, and live still in hiding amongst the races of Allornus.


The Taruun lived once in the northern lands between the Bosots and the Ironheads, separate from the Kelorn Empire and strong enough to form a nation of their own, these giant, bull-headed myrnamũn were proud to a fault, and when the Haedar tested their borders they warred with the numerous and regimented landsmen until their race was broken. Though they died out a few generations hence, after the horrors of the sundering, it was the war that truly broke them. Never numerous, it was this, along with southern clashes with urgrol, that led the Haedrasians to expel all myr from their borders. The Haedrasians still celebrate them with a veneration they reserve for only their hardiest enemies.


The Yrach'Nien are believed to be mere monsters of myth by most landsmen, for they have not surfaced since the days before the sundering. But the myr of Allornus know better, and tales of these horrific and terrifying creatures that lurk well below the earth are shared between the annals of the beast races and of the mhulak. It is certain that the yrach'nien still haunt their underground halls, but it is unknown just how many of these creatures still wait below the earth, hidden from the light.


The great enemy from the west, the Zard were the antagonists of the lizard wars, ancient enemies of the Caliban, both races broke one another in incessant combat, and no Zard have been seen since the close of the lizard wars, but most historians agree that the Zard are likely still living in their native lands beyond Battlewaite, plotting their revenge for battles centuries old.