Fame is an arbitrarily assigned skill-like ability in the Darkrealm, part of a group known as 'scales'. It can be both an asset and a detriment in moving through the world. In the Darkrealm fame works like a skill, running a scale of zero to ten, and determining how well known an individual is. This can have a number of effects, but mostly it is used to determine how other characters relate to you, primarily whether or not they recognize you. Fame could either be an asset or an extreme inconvenience, imagine a master thief who is suddenly recognized everywhere he goes, or even a daring warrior who has fallen foul of the local lord. Fame suddenly becomes a cross to bear in a vein attempt to blend back into the mass of which you were once a part. Fame, whether it generates a positive or negative reaction, is dependent on the character's setting of origin, and he will acquire a different fame score should he ever permanently relocate to a new setting.

0 - Stranger
The character is a total stranger in the region in which he is based, even his neighbours would not recognize him.

1 - Vaguely Familiar
People have seen the character around, few have met him, but those who frequent his regular hangouts or place of business would recognize him in person.

2 - Locally Recognizable
People around the character's general hang outs know him by sight, and have probably spoken a few times.

3 - Locally Well Known
People the character may not have met still recognize him in his local area, they have seen him around, and recognize him.

4 - Locally Famous
People in the character's base of operations will mostly recognize him, usually by sight, and more far flung individuals may know him by name.

5 - Regionally Recognizable
The character is recognizable, either by sight or just name, throughout most of the region in which he lives, like a major nobleman or wanted criminal.

6 - Regionally Famous
The character is known by name and sight to nearly everyone in his home region, and his name is known by some outside, maybe even throughout the entire atlas section where he is based.

7 - Nationally Well Known
The entire greater region, or atlas delineation, recognizes he character's name, and many have seen his face or at least heard a good enough description to know him. Even small isolated settlements will know his name, though they may have it a little wrong.

8 - Nationally Famous
The entire greater region where the character is based knows who he is, and has heard what he looks like or seen him in images or in person. Stories of his exploits abound. The character might be an influential king, the head of a temple, a legendary hero or feared villain.

9 - Internationally Recognizable
The character's name and exploits are known the world over, and he will surely be forever immortalized in the histories of the world.

10 - Known the World Over
The character's name, face and activities are the buzz of the known world, and his words have more reach than those of many divh.