Faran Tohlgar

Faran Tohlgar, Regent of Arumthar is a man well past his sixth decade in the world, and he is sorely aware that he inherited his position from the first regent of Arumthar to have been actively hunted down and killed by the Shades, as a result he is also keenly aware that he can neither fight as surely nor run as fast or for as long as he could when he first assumed the role. He also keeps in mind that somewhere in the fell city of Kerispur, some insubstantial silhouette waits and plots his demise. That thought alone fills him with dread. But despite the impending weight of his mortality pressing upon him the regent continues to work, continues to remember, and continues to try to govern the dominion of the Kings of Arumthar in their absence.


Bent and grey with age, bronzed by the sun, and lined like the cracks in old leather Arumthar's current regent has more the look of a wealthy but hard working farmer than a nobleman. His grizzled hair he wears short to hide the its thinness and the baldness of his pate; his beard is short and neat like that of a clerk; his dark eyes are deep-set and heavily lined; and his mouth is thin-lipped and hard. He hides a still-hale, but age-bent and age-pained frame beneath a traditional but inornate Arumtharn gown and walks with the aid of a sturdy and unadorned staff - though this is an affectation of comfort more than necessity.


Impotent though it is, the role of Regent of Arumthar is still recognised and respected by many in the Broken Kingdom, and although his predecessors have spent the bulk of their time in hiding, Tohlgar is nevertheless a welcome and honoured guest in any of the courts of those who remember where their ancestors came from. Faran himself has imposed little of his presence or his governance on the nations of the southmen through the thirty-seven years of his regency save his home in Foel at the pleasure of the Ordinator of Aresfin though he has been summoned several times as a mediator between small townships, he has spent much of his time in hiding in studious examination of ancient translations of Rhindur’s Prophecy and other scholarly and doctrinaire texts that may lead him to some clue to liberating the people of Arumthar from living in fear and restoring some minute fragment of the land’s past glory.


upbringing, skill acquisition, formative events


friends, family, enemies, contacts


Race Male Kelorn Skills
Age Middle-Aged (57) Skill Points: 269/279
Profession Regent of Arumthar (3) skill value rationale
Faith Aruman Cult of Rhindur (7) Acumen 5
Class Redundant Dignitary (6/5) Artistry 1
Talents Inventory Awareness 2
Fast -2 weapon cap threshold reach Bargaining 6
Graceful -1 Conning 3
Hale -1 Deduction 7
Strong -1 Rhindur's Religion 7
Tough +2 armour hard tiers enc/limit Divination 1
Engineering 3
Clever +3 tool cap test Flattery 3
Insightful +1 Governance 7
Knowledgeable +3 attire environment Leadership 4
Perceptive +0 Numeracy 4
Wilful +1 Oratory 3
Southlands Lore 5
Brave +1 Southlands History 8
Persuasive +0 Riding 1
Forceful -2 Speak Irian 6
Speak Kelorn 6
Lucky -1 Strategy 3

Character Traits

Arumthar's Last Defender (2)


The Prophecy (1)


The Broken Kingdom's Respect (3)