Faran Tohlgar

Faran Tohlgar, Regent of Arumthar is a man well past his sixth decade in the world, and he is sorely aware that he inherited his position from the first regent of Arumthar to have been actively hunted down and killed by the Shades, as a result he is also keenly aware that he can neither fight as surely nor run as fast or for as long as he could when he first assumed the role. He also keeps in mind that somewhere in the fell city of Kerispur, some insubstantial silhouette waits and plots his demise. That thought alone fills him with dread. But despite the impending weight of his mortality pressing upon him the regent continues to work, continues to remember, and continues to try to govern the dominion of the Kings of Arumthar in their absence.


Bent and grey with age, bronzed by the sun, and lined like the cracks in old leather Arumthar's current regent has more the look of a wealthy but hard working farmer than a nobleman. His grizzled hair he wears short to hide the its thinness and the baldness of his pate; his beard is short and neat like that of a clerk; his dark eyes are deep-set and heavily lined; and his mouth is thin-lipped and hard. He hides a still-hale, but age-bent and age-pained frame beneath a traditional but inornate Arumtharn gown and walks with the aid of a sturdy and unadorned staff - though this is an affectation of comfort more than necessity.


Impotent though it is, the role of Regent of Arumthar is still recognised and respected by many in the Broken Kingdom, and although his predecessors have spent the bulk of their time in hiding, Tohlgar is nevertheless a welcome and honoured guest in any of the courts of those who remember where their ancestors came from. Faran himself has imposed little of his presence or his governance on the nations of the southmen through the thirty-seven years of his regency save his home in Foel at the pleasure of the Ordinator of Aresfin though he has been summoned several times as a mediator between small townships, he has spent much of his time in hiding in studious examination of ancient translations of Rhindur’s Prophecy and other scholarly and doctrinaire texts that may lead him to some clue to liberating the people of Arumthar from living in fear and restoring some minute fragment of the land’s past glory.


Born in a tiny nameless village just outside of Marieth in 5088 KS, Faran has seen much change in the Broken Kingdom in his life. When he was scarcely a teenager the young Faran was apprenticed to the Aruman Cult of Rhindur as was the tradition for the line of the regents for the better part of the last century. However Faran was especially zealous in his devotion and his studies, and by the tender age of twenty-one he was considered perhaps the foremost expert on Rhindur's prophecy amongst the whole cult. His studies led him to a fascination (many would say obsession) with the mysterious foretelling that lasts to this day, however an ill-fated sortie into Kerispur to read the prophecy himself ended with Faran the only survivor of the expedition. Few know better what the emergence of the shades means for Arumthar, or the terrible power that they wield.

From then on whether by coincidence or not the Pale Plague began to wax in the new eastern settlements of Arumthar, and in many places the remnants were blamed by superstitious newcomers who thought it a curse left from old Arumthar. Faran had to put aside his more esoteric studies to work as a diplomat and mediator to convince the new lords of his people's value, and to keep watch on these more radical elements driven east by the rise of the guilds. Thankfully Faran cemented his worth when he saved the life of Mourin Verne, younger brother of Bairn, by smuggling him out of Loen where he might otherwise have become a hostage. This cemented a strong friendship between the remnants and Aerisfin that lasts to this day, and Faran even married a cousin of the Ordinator's line in Olene Verne, and soon the pair had a daughter who them named Ramany.

When his grandfather Elokin eventually stood down as regent Faran was the natural choice, though many felt that he was tied too closely to the new powers of Arumthar, and that his constant reference to the prophecy was on the edge of mania. Faran took the helm of an even more divided and disinterested Arumthar than his predecessor had, and worked tirelessly to necessitate himself in its politics and remain relevant. Even the disappearance of his wife and daughter in the Eresfell Downs after a diplomatic mission to Fael-They did not slow him for long - though his refusal to marry again certainly suggested how deeply Tolghar felt the loss.


The Regent of Arumthar is aided by the so-called ruling council of the Aruman Remnants, though exactly what they claim rule over is unclear. Karmina Threll is mistress of the Calish Al, and commands the eyes and ears of Arumthar. Her second, Marak Temple is generally at large in the world administering the network of the hidden, though he takes a seat on the council on the rare occasion that he is present. Yori en Relash is the face of the remnants, being its chief diplomat and official envoy to Aerisfin. Kalb bears the title of master at arms, and though technically he would command Arumthar's armies, in their absence he merely sees to the security of their compound and public agents. Finally the bent and ancient Uno Sarr is high priest of the cult of Rhindur, and a former trainer of Faran's. Uno is also his greatest detractor in his passion for the prophecy.

Naturally Tolghar is also acquainted with all of the relevant powers of the Broken Kingdom, having a close relationship with Bairn and especially Mourin Verne, and a chilly but surprisingly cordial relationship with Randar. Gaelind Tam continues to neither acknowledge the post, nor even the existence of the Regent and both Sorth and Tarad are increasingly frustrated with his unwillingness to pick a side in their conflict, but aside from those exceptions and a smattering of enemies in Loen he is welcome in near all of the emerging capitols of Arumthar.


Race Male Aruman Skills
Age Middle-Aged (57) Skill Points: 269/279
Profession Regent of Arumthar (3) skill value rationale
Faith Aruman Cult of Rhindur (7) Acumen 5
Class Redundant Dignitary (6/5) Artistry 1
Talents Inventory Awareness 2
Fast -2 weapon cap threshold reach Bargaining 6
Graceful -1 Conning 3
Hale -1 Deduction 7
Strong -1 Rhindur's Religion 7
Tough +2 armour hard tiers enc/limit Divination 1
Engineering 3
Clever +3 tool cap test Flattery 3
Insightful +1 Governance 7
Knowledgeable +3 attire environment Leadership 4
Perceptive +0 Numeracy 4
Wilful +1 Oratory 3
Southlands Lore 5
Brave +1 Southlands History 8
Persuasive +0 Riding 1
Forceful -2 Speak Irian 6
Speak Kelorn 6
Lucky -1 Strategy 3

Character Traits

The Prophecy (3)

Faran believes utterly in the veracity of the Prophecy of Rhindur mysteriously inscribed on the door of the Tower of Ravnyr in Kerispur some time after the fall. Despite never having even seen the engraving nor discovered an entirely reliable rendition Faran's faith in Rhindur's pattern, and his belief that Arumthar is destined to rise again are beyond unshakable. They are unassailable. And this certainty had been both a source of great strength and terrible blindness.

Arumthar's Last Defender (2)

The post of Regent of Arumthar represents that last of Arumthar in a land that is increasingly merely the Broken Kingdom. Some might see him as an obsolete relic with no right to the modern world, but others see the antiquity of his baffling post as something to be respected, even revered.

The Broken Kingdom's Respect (1)

No matter how they feel about the post of Regent, the powers of the Broken Kingdom are far more united in their attitude to the man who currently claims it. The name Faran Tolghar is well thought of amongst those who wield power as a man of learning, wisdom and ancient lineage in whom even the most heated of rivals can place a degree of mutual trust, and with whom most notables have had some personal experience.