Fieme (?? HC to ?? HC)

Throughout the Siele Wars the siele warrior Fieme was known to the landsmen as the Siele King of Sheil-Meial. In reality Fieme was chosen as a leader, or a figure as close to a leader as the siele choose to acknowledge, because of his part in the banishing of tel-Shiva from Ahlonia. Fieme (the real Fale'An-Heir was most likely Fime or Fim) was several centuries old when the Heir-Kei migrated to the southern Starwood that would eventually split off to become Ahlonia, he survived the Sundering and hatched the plan to drive the Heir-Kei's leader, the Kei-Sang tel-Shiva into the sea, and as a result he was thought of as a leader by the An-Heir of Shiel-Meial, and during the Siele Wars with the landsmen Fieme was given supreme military command of all of the siele warbands and tower-cities, though his rule was by no means as absolute as the title Siele King might imply. He died at the fall of Tel Celeste at the hands of a large party of Downsmen elite infantry, famously, after his sword shattered against the shield of one of the men - though Ghielvedrien claims to have destroyed it himself after Fieme's death.