Fieme's Leid

Better known today as Daundugar, the first sword forged by the hands of men, Fieme's Leid is said to be currently in the possession of the Iron Mage of Reddown, and has been the point of a great deal of contention between man and siele since the close of the Siele Wars, when it's original owner, the so-called Siele King Fieme was killed defending Tel Celeste. There is much conflict about the history of this fabled weapon, and about whether or not the weapon wielded by the Iron Mage today is in fact that same sword. But whatever the case this weapon has been the source of more bloodshed than it has even been used to commit.


The origins of this weapon are now lost in time, and its first mention comes in the 'Render's Lament', which chronicles the siele Fieme using a sword of 'fire-glass' to sever the bonds that held a floating island to the north of the Forest Kingdom and send the Kei Sang tel-Shiva adrift upon the waters, freeing the Heir-Kei from it's tyranny. Undoubtedly this is the weapon later used by Fieme during the Siele Wars, as obsidian can only be sourced on the slopes of the Purple Mountain in southern Ahlonia, and siele weapons were usually made of bone. Throughout the Siele Wars Fieme wielded this sword, some scholars even claim that it took the life of Simon of Galastry, though there is no way to know this as no survivors returned from this fateful foray.

At the defence of Tel Celeste where the Siele King lost his life some say that the sword was broken against the shield of a Downsman warrior. Others claim that Ghielvedrien took the weapon, and with it he carved the Blood Oath into his flesh and became a Deathseeker. After this he struck the weapon again and again against a menhir until it shattered into six pieces, then left it in the ruins of Tel Celeste. Whichever is true, Fieme's leid did not survive the fall of Shiel-Meial.

There the weapon sat, broken and discarded, until it was found by Martel Baldardun in 358 HC. The 'Chronicles of Martel' claim that Martel was led to a siele ruin after his spear was broken, by the divhi Aliel, but places the ruin over a hundred leagues south-east of where the actual ruins of Tel Celeste lie. He was then told to reforge the weapon (despite that fact that men have not discovered a way in which to repair obsidian) which he did, and he named the weapon Daundugar, and carried it for the rest of his life. Buried with the sword, it was gone when Henry Baldardun re-opened Martel's tomb to claim it, stolen by tomb robbers or reclaimed by the elusive powers that granted it.

Presumed lost, the Iron Mage now carries a leid worked in obsidian and shot through with cracks, with a steel bar running up the inside it's spine. It is said that the weapon is indeed Daundugar, though exactly when he made such a claim and to whom has proven elusive. Whether or not he wields the fabled sword, those who have seen him draw it are certainly convinced, and Ghielvedrien has sworn that he will reclaim the weapon bastardized by Martel Baldardun, and finally and permanently finish what he started and destroy it.


Roughly five feet in length, Fieme's Leid is made of a solid piece of rainbow obsidian, sharper than a new razor, it's surface reflects light like oil, and it's depths are dark and inscrutable. As all standard leid, the blade is just over four feet long, and curves very gently away from the cutting edge, with a secondary cutting edge along the upper rear part of the blade. The blade itself is very narrow, and the spine is away from the cutting edge rather than central in more symmetrical swords. The blade continues as a single piece right through the hilt to the pommel, but the hilt is encased in soft hide and the pommel is a ball of polished obsidian of a golden hue, as is the simple oval cross-guard. The sword the Iron Mage wields has a steel bar inside the blade, just barely visible running up the spine of the weapon, and though the edge is perfect the blade is shot through with tiny cracks that separate it into six distinct sections, which would seem to reinforce his claim that is is indeed Daundugar. The hilt of this newer incarnation of the weapon is crisp tan leather bound with copper wire and the pommel and cross-guard have been replaced with considerably more ornate ones of highly polished steel inlaid with gold wire and tiny cut emeralds.