Fire was the first of the elements born into the world. It is the energy of energy and change. Fire is inconstant, dangerous, volatile, but without it there is nothing, and no function and no energies behind the powers of the world.

Fire In The World

Fire energies are present in many places in the world, most obviously when flames rage in hearths or dry forests, but also in storms that broil over the landscape, bringing lightening and thunder, and in geysers of steam that break out of the earth. Fire is generally present in states of violent flux, when wood is turned to ash, water to steam, air to smoke and ice to water.

Fire In Alchemy

Alchemists use fire to change the state of substances, the most simple way to do this is to heat a potion over an open flame, but sometimes bottled lightening or fire-heavy substances can also be used. Fire often forms the basis of brewing a potion, but fire itself is dangerous and unstable and seldom appears as a desirable element within a potion or formula, except perhaps the famed Drak Fire.

Fire In Channeling

When fire is channeled it is usually hard to control, often overwhelming channelers as it rushes to get out into the world in an explosive avalanche of power. Because of this there are few fire channelers, even when an individual's gift permits it. As a result it is usually a destructive force, but sometimes what initially begins with destruction can bring about unexpected energies, and if the channeler is willing to feed the fire it can also be a power of creation, just as it was when it first sparked life. Fire can be tranformative as well as destructive, and the most powerful fire channelers are the ones who can use a force of destruction of create and transform.

The Gift of Fire

The Gift of Fire is usually volatile, and if unchecked can lead to the gifted mortal unleashing destructive energies in times of great emotion. The fire gifted seem almost to be conduits by which the energies of fire leak into the world to manifest in a pure form, and so in the presence of even the weakest of the gifted candle flames will wax and alchemy will go awry. Heat and cold do not bother the fire gifted so much, the transformative energies of temperature are a friend to them, and do not touch them so harshly. Other powers of the fire gifted are those of change, flux and transformation, but more often than not are simply powers of pure swirling chaos and destruction.

The Elemental Wheel

On the wheel fire borders Earth and Death. The border with death is known as destruction and with earth as ash, destruction is the energy by which fire brings about death, it is the energy of pure harm and assault, bleak and dangerous. Ash is the energy of transformation, and of potential - the state after fire has destroyed, rich with the potential for taking new form, charged with the energy of change. Fire is opposed by Dark, fire pierces the darkness, and dark is an energy that is cold and still and unchanging.