Very much the third city of the confederacy of Aresfin the city of Foel sits at the most northerly navigable extent of the Foelcorr River that carries its name. Hugging the western bank of the river closely Foel is a long, narrow city sitting behind a simple palisade, flanked by tangled mangrove swamps and surrounded by low-lying cow pastures. Within the walls Foel is made up of low plastered buildings with towering, steep-pitched shingled rooves peppered with little round dormers. All of the notable buildings are domed - some crudely some not - and square minarets are common around the long narrow plazas. Perhaps most memorable are the rows of braziers and bonfires that surround the city. These burn through the night every time the sun goes down, bathing the walls in their infernal light as shadowy figures flit back and forth tending to the fires.

Region: Arumthar, Southlands
Total Population: 13,689
Demographics: 40% Kelorn, 37% Arumen, 18% Estermen, 3% Irian, 2% Other.
Government: Confederated Patriciate under appointment by the Ordinator of Aresfin.
Wealth: 3
Tech. Level: 5
Major Industry: Beef and dairy, weaving and flax textiles.
Major Religions: Light of Makha, Fortune's Foresight, The Forgotten Path, Aruman Cult of Rhindur.

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