Forest Way

The Forest Way is the only overland route connecting Reddown with Highdunn and Southaven through the Forest Kingdom. The Forest Way is not a paved highway, it is simply a broad cleared section of dirt road laid with gravel and liberally salted in the winter, but despite carts occasionally getting bogged down in the mud, the way is so heavily traveled that it remains clear. Year round bands of cheap labour and indentured criminals are sent to fell trees, rip up foliage and lay stone over mud to keep the way clear and usable.

While both great nations send military patrols down the forest way on a regular basis, any merchants traveling this route still take their own safety in their hands. Goblyn raids are rare thanks to the presence of the Warlock, but young ambition bands still venture south into this rich hunting land. And the siele have no fear of the Warlock at all. Meanwhile the High Warlock himself has no compunctions about defending his territory should a traveler stray from the road or camp too close to Skyreach.