Fort Rotheron

Fort Rotheron has served as capitol to the Earldom of the same name since the fall of Madagar Keep. Further back from the boarder of the Forest, Fort Rotheron lies perhaps a dozen leagues north of Cavalier's Falls roughly twenty south of Kithridge. Once a mere border fort, after Madagar Keep was famously besieged by the Killing Claw, and practically torn apart stone by stone, this nameless keep was given the name Fort Rotheron and the Earl devoted a good deal of his resources to making the strongest and most modern fortress he could, even paying Ralstaan traders to import stonemasons from over the sea to work on the magnificent new fastness.

Built at the heart of a large man-made lake which is still being excavated, Fort Rotheron is a complex curtain walled affair with no central keep, but rather a series of three ascending baileys overlooked by broad-topped stone towers that house the fort's facilities. Its dungeons, also under hurried construction, promise to be extensive and push deep into the earth, despite the general aversion of men to delve too deeply. It is here that Davin Rotheron now holds court.