The Fourteen-Hundred

The Fourteen-Hundred was the name given to the inner circle of Aulandor Rage, those who were instrumental in the founding and ruling of the Magocracy, whose number were hunted ruthlessly throughout Haedrasia after the reformation. Though their exact number is uncertain, and almost certainly fluctuated the name 'Fourteen-Hundred' stuck. These are the men and women, from the mage clans and the southern Kelorn lands, as well as Ghana, who backed Rage in his march against the Unchallenged City, and who were invited to be present at his coronation. When the Magocracy was at it's height the Fourteen-Hundred were Rage's councillors, and he would take his dissenters and invite them to join the Fourteen-Hundred, who met to advise Rage in matters of his rule. Rage reasoned that any men who could raise their voices loud enough to draw his attention must have something to say, and eagerly gathered these men who called themselves his enemies into his ear.

After the collapse of the Magocracy and Rage's death the Fourteen-Hundred disbanded and scattered quickly. Many stayed in the Unchallenged City, unwilling to believe that Rage could die, and were quickly overrun by legionnaires, while others were mercilessly hunted by the Lictors under Si Vornor. But many of the most astute took the wealth of Rage's court and vanished into Haedrasia and the lands to the west, and were never found. Because the Lictors could never prove who was and was not a member of the fourteen hundred, they captured few after their initial massacre.

Some say that even now the descendants of the fourteen hundred have formed a secret society, a brotherhood who deified the memory of Aulandor Rage and hid his relics throughout the lands of Haedrasia as they fled. Whether or not they could have survived generations of being hunted and persecuted by the cream of Haedrasia's sons, the Lictors, seems unlikely, but cells may still exist here and there. As well as the histories and personal accounts of Rage that would surely shed light on a number of mysteries left unanswered by post-Magocracy purges.

Notable Members

Aside from Rage himself many of the most important names of the time were made as members of the fourteen hundred, or were added to its number. Westerners such as Saran Werkynd, Jaros the Blue, and Altor Montarri are all known and celebrated for their time under the Magocracy, and their activities after its collapse. Names of Haedrasian collaborator leaders like Janus Molanis, or Kelius Mustafa are remembered for the ruthless example made of them in the post-magocracy purges. While suggestive references of Giriff Soulrender take more tenacious research to uncover.