Freir Grimm (?? HC to ?? HC)

The first steward of Sigard, Freir Grimm is much maligned by history. Two years after Henry Lander died heir-less in 1042 HC the royal chancellor was able to unite the navy of Sigard under his command, and take control of the disparate kingdom. Faced with a number of factions vying for the throne of Sigard almost immediately after the King died, including the Earls Council's man the Lord of Erabon, the merchant backed Lord of Ennis, and no less than three flotillas of the royal navy putting forward their commanders. Historians of the time scrambled to find information but found little regarding the background of the then royal Chancellor, but found little about his past, however it does seem that he was a distant relative of the Lander line by marriage, but had no legitimate claim to the throne. Grimm took control of the docks of Lierkist and eventually brokered an agreement with the three commanders to put aside their personal differences and swear fealty to him rather than deplete one another's forces severely then fall prey to the more wealthy candidates. With the navy at his back Grimm was able to blockade both other contenders, and occupy the throne as steward with little opposition.

Grimm's rule lasted a mere six years, passing away in 1050 HC, but this was enough to restore economic and military security to the nation of Sigard, as well as to drive the Lord of Erabon north to Daultin by force. The frivolous spending of Henry Lander's age was no more, replaced by a politician who understood the importance flow of money. However much of his settlement was hampered by promises made to the navy agreed to when they backed him, and so the coffers of Sigard remained empty, they simply emptied into the pockets of the navy rather than the wardrobe of the King. Freir Grimm left his eldest son Noran to take his post as steward by the agreement of his navy allies.