Garrin the White

Garrin the White, court magician to the King of Highdunn, is something of a mystery, even a disappointment, to those who expect lofty and mysterious magicians with enigmatic and cryptic personas and devastating powers. Garrin is a man who behaves considerably older than he appears, has a fondness for mind altering mushrooms and obvious parlour tricks, and generally enjoys sleeping in front of the fire. But those who know him know the true power lies behind his seeming mundanity.


The White Magician is small, stocky and pale. He has slender, dexterous hands and keen, bright blue eyes that draw you into his kindly, lined face. He wears his blue-black hair long and loose and a full, neatly trimmed beard. His steadily spreading gut and unusual attire however make him seem old, adding to the disconcerting mixture of age and youth in him. He is seldom without his long-stemmed pipe, which he uses to relax. He also has a passion for sylph shrooms, which he is seldom without a bag of wherever he goes, and which he’s even more seldom willing to part with or share. Despite his seemingly ineffectual appearance however Garan has proved to be an extremely capable and useful magician. The White Magician scattered a goblyn raiding party by summoning a gale-force wind, he has made entire fields bloom with the merest wave of his hand and he has prepared potions that have cured the most mortally ill and lifted the direst curses that his service has offered him. More and more however the White Magician is unavailable to give advice, either fast asleep or too dazed by mushrooms to think. When his great mind stirs brilliance and wisdom still pour fourth, but these stirrings become rarer and rarer as the time goes by.


Garrin is generally quiet and unassuming, and has an abiding love for sleeping and poetry. He also has a dramatic hatred for the cold. Some people speculate that this is something to do with the trial he underwent at Skyreach but he will not make any comment. As a result he is constantly clad in heavy furs and generally keeps a fire lit wherever he goes. Garan’s body has not aged since his departure for Skyreach, so that his demeanour is that of a man more than three times his apparent age, generally people see him as a lazy eccentric, but those who know him realize that he is the best friend anyone could have under pressure and his ineffectual appearance conceals potent and dangerous power that few on the Isle understand, let alone are capable of combating. Garrin’s fellow students of the Warlock all over the Isle treat him with a deep respect and reverence, second only to their treatment of the Warlock himself. It seems that whatever Garrin refuses to tell about his time in the tower was truly impressive.

"Yes, my liege, I am your loyal servant, but I am your servant only at the behest of my master. Rather than demanding my servitude, perhaps instead you might accept that I am your friend and your councillor, and let that be all that need be said, yes?"

  • spoken to Eldin Reise, King of Highdunn in 1479 HC


Garrin, like every other real magician on Ahlonia, is a student of the High Warlock. He left his home in Thairon nearly a hundred and thirty years ago and went to the Warlock’s tower to petition for apprenticeship with a letter of recommendation from Highdunn’s last court magician Galthras the Green. He will never speak of his time in Skyreach, but evidently he passed whatever tests the Warlock required because he returned seventy years later, not a day older, wearing robes of pure scintillating white and bearing a staff of bleached birch. He took the position as court magician.


Garrin is on excellent terms with all of his fellow students, in fact some even seem to fear the man. The Iron Mage has flatly told the Earls Council that he will never cross the White Magician, and even Willem Cole's hand has, debatably, been stayed by the presence of Garrin. The Warlock seems happy to welcome Garrin back to Skyreach, and Morgan and Garrin are especially close, having studied together under the Warlock. Lady Rowenna, the mediator of the students, seems to be the one person who can count of Garrin's attention when she visits however, and many of those surrounding Garrin have begun to question why this might be. Eldin Reise and his wife Ellen love Garrin dearly, like a favourite uncle, and worry about the man's growing lethargy.


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Character Traits

A Strange Old Man (3)

Garrin the White might be a name that evokes images of an enigmatic and mighty man, with mystical robes and inscrutable ways, and so to many the image of this odd, old man, who is endlessly entertained by the magic tricks of jesters and charlatans, perplexing, disappointing, even disarming. To Garrin his power is not who he is, merely what he does, and he has always been content to be a harmless curmudgeon who happens to be able to twist the very nature of the universe.