Tech Code: 6
Governments: The Incorporated Feudal Fief of Garynshae.
Religions: The Temple of the Sun, The Dusain Cult of Rallah.
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
Primary Languages:
Major Settlements: Tohl Graihaen.


Physical Geography

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Political Geography

Now the isolated easternmost bastion of the High Kingdom of Ralstaa, Garynshae is many things. The second most prosperous port in all of the Knives, after Tohl Dannis, and one of the largest and most unassailable fortresses in the whole of the Knives. Garynshae was founded by the loyalist Garyn clan under Grai (high Ral for stone) of Garyn. Grai was a devout follower of Rallah, and swore that he and his ancestors would build a fortress-tohl the like of which no man on Allornus could match, to protect Ralstaa from northern clanlanders, who saw them as traitors. And true to his word it remains amongst the largest and fiercest fortifications to be found in the world, with each generation of rulers adding their own touch to it. And so it was only natural that, when Viran the Unifier brought Ralstaa back together, that the Kaltan Kings who now ruled Garynshae would pledge themselves to the High Kingdom without too much persuading. Unfortuantely for them, Tuarvael in the other Dunsain realms did not follow their example. This left Garynshae as a lone, isolated extremity of the High Kingdom, with no border on any other member of that great coalition, and it also made them unpopular with many of their neighbours. Especially the clanlanders of the north.

This focus on Tohl Graihaen has led to neglect for the rest of the realm. And having no allies who could easily reach the land left Garynshae vulnerable. Perpetually preyed upon by clanlanders from the north, some forty years ago a massive force of allied clans invaded, pushing Garynshae's forces back and back to the very walls of their city, where they hold even now against onslaughts by invaders, while their farms and herds and mines are plundered by enemies. Help has come, neither from the High King, nor the other Dunsain save in small measure, and only the formidable city of stones now remains of a once mighty and historic land.

Within the walls of the city, martial law reigns. While life within the walls can continue as usual, with the water presenting a vital lifeline to Tohl Graihaen that the clanlanders have no ability to block, and with the coastal Great Northern Highway open in times of relative peace (that is to say between protracted sieges) the city is able to function. But for months of the year the walls rage with the sounds of battle day and night, and when silence reigns finally they are black with soot, red with blood, and cracking in new spots. The people huddle around the safety of the docks, ready to board ships and sail away when the end finally comes, but stubbornly living their lives under the grim gaze of scores of armed veterans right up until the moment they are driven from their flaming houses, with gore-soaked clanland yaegars baying at their heels.

Meanwhile outside the land is under the sway of the clanlanders. Seven separate clans have allied under the bold and charismatic Mawl Dagmyruth, of the Clan Dagmyr. Each generation (and the occasional fateful assault on the walls of Tohl Graihaen) has seen a new clan rise to eminence amongst the alliance, but each time they have managed to hold the seven core clans together, with others coming and going now and then. They have divvied up the lands between them, and settled the regions back from the coast, leaving the coast and the highway mostly unmolested, or at least unclaimed. Alongside Clan Dagmyr, Clan Kravan, Clan Taeghan, Clan Thorrel, Clan Sigusmun, Clan Alarric and Clan Trougha all stake a claim, and all have at least a thousand yaegars, and several golemancers amongst their number. But the armies of the clanlanders must pull back in the harsh nor-west winter, and find camps to keep warm. And in spring they must help the women hunt and gather food, leaving only summer and autumn to try to fell the city that is the last barrier to dominance of this land. Soon their numbers will be enough to close the gates year round however.

Setting Trait (3): Besieged trait

Tohl Graihaen

The City of Stones is the last bastion of House Kaltan, and of the High Kingdom, in the entire province.

Social Geography

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Faith and Worship

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The Men of Garyn

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

His Majesty; Votigan Bloodreaver Uth-Kaltan, King of Garynshae
Grim, hardened and ruthless Vortigan’s reign has been characterized by rivers of blood and years or warfare, and he has risen to the challenge with a merciless tenacity that even his subjects are torn between awe and terror of. Vortigan is the great defender of Tohl Graihain and his body is hard, bulky and criss-crossed with long, narrow scars as testament to his reign as a fighting King. Only in his middle years, in the opening of his fourth decade Vortigen is most famous for leaving swarthes of gore knee deep along the eastern walls when he repelled the great breech five years past, when he earned the name ‘Bloodreaver’. The captain of his personal guard reported that after suffering a broken leg at the hands of a large enemy clansman he used the protruding bone to stab the man to death through the throat. Vortigan knows that he and his men are the only thing that stand between this tiny remaining portion of his once great kingdom and massacre, and he has made it clear he will pay any price and go to any length to secure the City of Stones’ salvation.

His Lordship; Adran Uth-Duin, Lord High Provost of Tohl Graihain
In the absence of a mayor and under the direction of martial rule Adran Uth-Duin controls what goes on within the walls of the city, and his primary concern is to keep the City of Stones running exactly as if there weren’t hordes of barbarian warriors camped a league out on all sides of the city. King Vortigen places a great deal of responsibility in Adran’s hands, and with the responsibility comes an equal amount of culpability when things go wrong, as a result Adran’s job is a thankless and difficult one, but for the good of the people, for his King and for the tidy sum he can amass by courting merchant interests Adran makes his post tolerable.

Mawl Dagmyruth, Yarl of the Clan Dagmyr
On the other side of the war to the fearsome King of Garynshae stands Garynshae's new King, unlike his bloody foe, and yet similar. Mawl is a giant of a man, with ropey, powerful limbs, and hair and beard that stretch to his waist and shine like spun gold, but he is not fierce. In fact he is almost devoid on any emotion at all, compared by his men to a golem in both might and mien. This implacable man is a capable warrior, but he does not lead his men from the front. Instead it is by attribute of his mind that he leads the united clans. Though even Mawl's cunning has failed to bring down the walls, it has placed warriors upon them many times, and he knows that his force is the more numerous and, with the golemancers, by far the stronger. Many under him believe that he has the best chance since this war began of being the one who fells the final bastion of the High Kingdom in the west.

Today on the Stone Coast…

The cry of "All's quiet on the highway" is a welcome one indeed, especially as winter is more than a month distant, but for the most part it seems to be proving true, as caravans have begun arriving at the city of stone, sent by enterprising cabals funded by the rulers of Tuarvael. Their prices might be robbery, but the traders know that the folk of the city of stone pay a great deal more for those goods carried over the sea, and so long as they don't demand so much as to make cutting their throats preferable they are confident that braving the coastal highway will prove worth the risk. This means that the streets teem with haughty, monied Tuarvae merchants and their equally arrogant guardsmen, clad in polished mail without a mark on it. And this in turn has cause a few minor incidents in the wall districts, where more seasoned Dunsain soliders have taken offence at the foreigners' demeanours. More troubling (and fanciful) stories say that the early withdrawl is due to a new plan of attack. Stories from scouts report that young griffin fledglings have been taken by clanlanders from slain parents, to be raised as mounts, and the yaegars withdraw to train their mounts personally. Though a foe in flight would put the unbreachable walls of the city to shame, this seems wild at best.

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