Gavain Allarund

The ageing Gavain Arallund has held the post of Grand High Prelate for nearly thirty years. Old beyond the count of most men, people have long wondered how much longer he will hold on. Arallund has faced a reign of relative peace and security, and has devoted much of it to making faith available to the people, he seemed destined to be merely another name in a history book, but over the last decade of his reign Allarund has found enlightenment, and become a truly great Grand High Prelate.


Allarund's age and failing health are immediately apparent to anyone looking at him, the Grand High Prelate is stooped and frail, and his skin seems to be made of cracking parchment. His ceremonial robes seem almost too much weight for him to bare and he often staggers under their sheer bulk. Allarund is seldom seen not leaning on the arm of his personal aid Saemon, and usually also rests on his staff of office. The Grand High Prelate's stark white hair is thin, and grows in tufts rather than covering his head, and his straggly beard is uneven. His face is deeply lined, his chin receding into his neck, and he is missing a number of teeth, giving his smile a strange twist. His eyes are sunken and pale and sit below bulky lined brows and bushy white eyebrows.


The most eminent Gavain Allarund is a proud, kind man with a deep piety, and genuine love for his divh. He prays with a fervent passion, and when he speaks about his faith it is deeply moving because of his great love for the subject matter. Allarund once also had a very commanding presence, the very feature that earned him the so early in his tenure as High Prelate of Southaven, but now that easy confidence has faded with age and it is left to only be remembered by the senior members of the church.


Born in 1409 HC, the now venerable Grand High Prelate has overseen one of the most peaceful reigns of any Grand High Prelate to have served so long as he, and while it would be nice to say his had been a period of consolidation and expansion in reality the power of the church has most likely declined since he took power. However few would lay the fault for this squarely on the head of the Grand High Prelate.

Trained with the Order of the Sanctuary, Allarund was a lowly monk and scribe in his early years, but he was offered a vision by Aliel one night of himself being crowned High Prelate of Southaven, and with that image in his mind he began to pursue that office fervently. By 1449 Allarund's vision had become a reality, and his tenure as High Prelate as the seat of the faith, a position that nearly guarantees its occupant heirdom to the Grand High Prelacy, which is a role he succeed a scarce four years later.

During his tenure Allarund has seen the growth of the T'Ovari in Southaven, the Maethian Coup, the growing presence of the Kommeron in old Sigard, and even the campaign to name Solon the sixth oracle. What he has not seen is holy war, or major division beyond what existed when he came into office, and while Southaven has only grown richer during his tenure much of the passion is slowly ebbing out of the Dioune's first faith as its administration becomes more and more routine. Allarund has prayed on it for years, hungry to know why Aliel wanted him as her chief emissary, but he has had no answer yet, and he has begun to despair that he ever will.


As the Grand High Prelate Gavain is called to have close relationships with the other High Prelates, Theandar Marr, Solon, Anden Corovell and especially Markham Nole of Southaven, and to a lesser extent William Hawthorn. Indeed he works closely with all of the Order of the Garden. The Grand High Prelate's family are all long deceased, and he never married thanks to church law, or sired any children. Even though he heads a number of church orders and is seldom ever without petitioners surrounding him, kissing his hand, Gavain Allarund is alone.


Race Male Ahonian Skills
Age Venerable (73) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession Grand High Prelate (3) skill value rationale
Faith Orthodox Church of the Dioune (8)
Class Head of the Church (9/7)
Talents Inventory
Fast -3 weapon cap threshold reach
Graceful -2
Hale -5
Strong -4
Tough -3 armour hard tiers enc/limit
Clever +1 tool cap test
Insightful +1
Knowledgeable +4 attire environment
Perceptive -3
Wilful +0
Brave +0
Persuasive +0
Forceful -1
Lucky +2

Character Traits

Old and Tired (3)

The Grand High Prelate is an old, old man. His mind is going, he has only a few more years in his life, if not mere months, and he is ill, weak, and almost totally dependant on his retainers and herbal tonics. His body is nigh spent, and his mind is slowly slipping the same way. No one truly feels that the man inspires confidence as the leader of the official faith of all landsman Ahlonia.