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name (location)Ghanda (Ghana); Gana (Haedrasia); Galli (Ralstaa); The Corpse Divhi (Elsewhere and offensive).

Wisdom and Knowledge; Dreams and Nightmares; The Shadow World; Faith and Trust; The Ghans; Destiny; Protection; Forbearance.


After the exodus Ghanda led his people north, asking them whenever they stopped if they wished to settle there, and eventually the Ghans chose to settle in the lands around the Ironheads, and he began to teach his people. His most devoted followers, he made into his honoured brothers and sent them out to rally his people around them, calling them his dux - meaning 'voice' or 'messenger' - they all went out to gather followers. But divided by the journey through the mountains, his people had found another divhi called Moroth, who had promised them many gifts and they challenged Ghanda to best their new divhi. It is said that the people who sided with Moroth eventually became the Vargor.

Ghanda was willing to face Moroth, in debate or contest, for he respected the choice of his people, but Moroth would not face him - hiding in another world, in the darkness. Eventually Ghanda and his wisest advisers came upon such magic as would summon and bind Moroth to the mortal plane, where Ghanda would contest him. They worked the, and so the creature was bound, but not completely, and while Ghanda struck the thing down he was in turn struck a mortal would.

Unwilling to die Ghanda entered a sort of delirium, neither alive nor dead, but in an eternal dream, from which his followers hoped he would one day recover. They hid him somewhere secret, said to be in the Lake of Sighs, and went out into the world to wait. The priesthood of Ghanda, always very loose, were totally at a loss as to how to guide the people, but the remaining wise men who had aided Ghanda began to visit the dreams of their divhi in deep trances. Eventually these ‘mystics’ developed into a monastic order, who tried to find meaning in the fever-dreams of their mortally wounded divhi, finding better and better ways to enter their divhi’s dream, but his guidance was not always lucid. And so Ghanda slept.

Eventually disgusted by this the bulk of the Ghans rose up a few generations ago and began openly worshipping beast totems and strange nature spirits, and began a savage war against those who stayed true to the old way. Violent crime and suicides became more and more common, until in one night more than half the Ghans rose up in a hedonistic orgy of slaughter. The civilized Ghans, now called Visghans, won, but only just, and were left in the fortified hearts of ruined cities, often besieged or at least hemmed in by close-by communities of Carroghans who raid occasionally, living the lives they always had despite the ruins outside their walls, and obeying the dream-commands of a sleeping divhi. The driven off wild Carroghans who prefer the old, more barbaric, less civilized ways dress as monsters and raid villages, leading to the belief that they are all cursed. The actual cursed prefer to stay better hidden, and most of the human ones belong to the secret and profane Beast Cult, which exists in both the Visghan and Carroghan societies. The cult penetrates the nations of the Ghans at all levels and status in Ghan society has no bearing on status in the cult, they seek the curse as men might seek salvation, seeing it as a divine experience.


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a list of major faiths devoted to Ghanda

The Earthly Divh, Patrons of the Landsmen
Ghanda, Haederas, Irik, Malar, Nofus, Rallah