Ghiedlen is a district known for its fine merchants establishments and excellent night-life. Like Tarrowmoore the district is physically beginning to overflow with buildings, though here people are poorer and single rooms often constitute a family home. However despite this many up and coming professionals, especially those with a trade, settle here where they can find a home and a space to do business affordably enough. Ghiedlen in entirely owned by House Derelle, one of the more popular houses for gangers, but as a result altercations are usually confined to the districts boarders and it is one of the few parts of Tohl outside of the inner city where citizens can venture out at night without fear, and as a result many a taproom is open and full well after midnight. Even some shops stay open well past sunset to trade with this later crowd. Perhaps thanks to more nocturnal leanings there are also small communities of goblyns and vorgor in Ghiedlen, though they are generally looked upon with great suspicion by the locals, and Ralstaan shops refuse to serve them, but they find the large number of Ghan merchants based here more than happy to take their goods or coin.

Region: Ralstaa, Tohl
Total Population:
Tech. Level: 7
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

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