Known Ahlonia over, the Nil'Rath Ghielvedrien is possibly the most feared creature alive on the Isle. Parents tell their children tales of this savage monster to frighten them to obedience, goblyns tell stories of finding sites of his massacres, but none tell honest tales of meeting the beast and living. The last vestige of siele resistance in the Forest Kingdom, Ghielvedrien is a bogle, a historical relic, and a very very real threat to all those who would intrude under the eaves of his home. While Ghielvedrien is the name all know the fierce mankiller by now, it is - like much of the landsman adaptation of the Siele tongue - an over-complication of Gil'Ved-Ren, still an enormous name by Siele standards.


Ghielvedrien is said to be tall, even among his own kind. His pale skin is criss-crossed with scars and his amber eyes are terrible to behold. He wears his jet-black hair in a tight braid and has a small tattoo of a bird on his right cheek signifying his allegiance as a house-warrior of the royal line. Monstrous but fleet of foot and graceful, the warrior moves with the fluid grace of a cougar, and kills the same. His voice is deep, grating and resonant but he speaks seldom. While not special among his kind, he still possesses the unnatural ethereal beauty that all Siele have. Ghielvedrien usually wears reddish leathers and a voluminous deep green hooded cloak. While he is a consummate master of the leid, his real skill is as an archer and they say his bow can kill an army before they know they are under attack. Beneath his clothing every inch of his skin is horribly carved with the Fale'An-Heir writing that is the blood oath, promising to take bloody and graphic vengeance against a countless list of enemies and their kin, repeated over and over and over again.


Ghielvedrien is stern, sadistic and merciless, but he is driven by some twisted sense of honour. Before he attacks he sounds his war horn once, only ever once, and often his victims mistake it for an animal call. Also he will never attack unarmed men unless they give him cause to defend himself or his home. Conversely he will slay an armed soldier with the kind of violence and sadism that characterizes the most brutal lunatic, favouring disabling his victims so as to kill them slowly later. Not the manic that most expect, people who somehow encounter him peacefully find that Ghielvedrien has only two moods, either dark depression or tortured rage, and a visitor’s reception will vary accordingly. Even Siele tend to stay clear of this hunter, treating him with quiet respect and keeping their distance, for the joy of the Siele is dead in his heart.


Ghielvedrien was a warrior of the Siele King’s house. He was fighting at the side of his sworn brother Fieme when the men brought down Tel Celeste, and saw his king die. Ghielvedrien was young then, but he alone survived of the King’s house warriors, hacking his way to freedom, drenched in blood. That night he carved the blood oath upon his body with his king’s sword then dashed it into shards, although it would later be reforged by the hands of men. He saw the refugees clear of the forest, then returned with those few who would join him, to make the usurpers and murderers pay or sell his life dearly trying. Ghielvedrien has lost everything, family, friends, now he has only darkness and the rage that only the siele can know. Where his boot falls blood pools and widows weep.


The siele manhunter Ghielvedrien and his band of perhaps forty siele are by far the most dangerous thing that a traveler can encounter in the Forest Kingdom. While they are few, and seldom travel in bands larger than five siele they are, never the less, lethally efficient and few tales of travelers successfully fending them off circulate. No one has ever claimed to have escaped these swift and deadly hunters, and it would seem they are as fond of the goblyns in their lands as they are of the men. He and his lieutenants Lera and Ara have engineered brutal, heartless lightning raids on landsman and goblyn soldiers alike, but seldom are civilians harmed so long as they keep to themselves.


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Character Traits

Live to Slay, Slay to Live (3)

Ghielvedrien lives only to slay man and goblyn, until eventually he meets his equal, and is able to rest and forget his pain in death. Like a wounded animal, he knows only savagery. Ghielvedrien no longer cares for the pleasures of life - he is cold, and impossible to rouse. But he also no longer fears death. Every day he hopes he will finally be bested, and be allowed to rest.