Goblyn Steeds

Legendary for great speed, adaptability and foul tempers, the Goblyn Steeds are a creature like a horse, yet very different, trained by the goblyns of the Inner Sea Basin and the Shattered Empire. The creatures seem to seldom exist in the wild, traveling in herds with the goblyns who train them, and having a close relationship with their riders, more so than any normal horse. Both landsmen and ork√Ľn have tried to tame the goblyn steeds for themselves, but thus far they have never had much success.



A goblyn steed is very similar to a normal horse, in fact some claim that it is merely a breed of horse, but others claim that the unnusual diet of the creature sets it apart - and it is true that goblyn steeds seem unable to breed with other breeds of horse. The goblyn steed is on the small side, standing roughly five feet at the top of it's shoulder and weigh around eight hundred pounds. They have the long elegant advanced legs of a horse, but their hooves rather than ending in a single toe, end in two, a cloven hoof, making them far more effective on rough terrain, and giving them a greater ability to climb, but slowing them on open ground compared to a regular horse. Their mouths are more like those of a dog than a horse, with lips that can be pulled back to bare the sturdy pointed teeth of a carnivore - which indeed they are. The markings of the goblyn steed are also remarkable, and a little unnerving. Usually they will have a red, almost crimson coat with white markings on the front of the head and the muzzle, and down the ribs and along the sides of the legs. Some have said that this gives them the appearance of a regular horse turned inside out from a distance. Their manes and tails tend to be either pale gold or white, and their eyes slightly larger and mounted more towards the front of the head than on the sides.


Capable of bursts of speed equal to the finest light haedrasian warhorse, goblyn steeds cannot sustain a gallop for nearly as long as their counterparts, and are better at running down pray over short distances than traveling long - though despite their inability to maintain speed over long distance they can still travel for far longer than their rider, and even at a trot are considerably faster. They are fare more effective on rough terrain than a normal horse, able to climb over loose rock or up slopes with no noticeable loss of momentum. Goblyn steeds do not have independent eyes like most horses, and their sight is not so good, but their sense of smell and hearing are sharp.



No more intelligent than any other herd animal, goblyn steeds are more cunning. As hunters they work in packs, with a pair of decoys running their prey until it is exhausted then steering it into the rest of the herd. However there are no goblyn steeds in the wild anymore, and so only those who have gone feral really employ such hunting tactics. As domestic animals they are often fed offal, particularly loving to chew through discarded bone to get to the marrow. Some goblyns feed their steeds on a permanent diet of blood, believing it makes them fast and savage, but in reality this starves the creatures - it might be said that the effect is the same however. Even at the best of times when healthy and content they are violent, willful, foul tempered creatures, prone to mauling incautious riders or other steeds that get in their way.


Goblyn steeds recognize one another and their riders by smell, their advance sense of smell has never been applied to tracking, as it is hard to motivate them to follow an unfamiliar scent, but they can find members of their herd, or their rider, at a considerable distance by following a scent trail, and most are trained to do so so that the rider can act independently with a reasonable expectation that his steed will simply follow him. Foul tempered and unpleasant, they are still very social creatures, and while when in a herd they nip at one another's flanks and spar, they quickly deteriorate and become complacent and depressed when alone. Any goblyn knows that he and his steed are not truly a pair until it has opened up a few nasty wounds when he wasn't being careful.


Statistics Traits
statistic roll average elite heroic maximum random trait rating subtrait rating
Agility d n n n n [[include 2d6]] Plan plan
Beauty d n n n n [[include 2d6]] Diet diet
Constitution d n n n n [[include 2d6]] Cycle cycle
Dexterity d n n n n [[include 2d6]] trait n
Endurance d n n n n [[include 2d6]]
Initiative d n n n n [[include 2d6]]
Strength d n n n n [[include 2d6]]
Intelligence d n n n n [[include 2d6]]
Knowledge d n n n n [[include 2d6]]
Perception d n n n n [[include 2d6]]
Will d n n n n [[include 2d6]]
Wisdom d n n n n [[include 2d6]]
Bravery d n n n n [[include 2d6]]
Charm d n n n n [[include 2d6]]
Leadership d n n n n [[include 2d6]]
Negotiation d n n n n [[include 2d6]]
Luck d n n n n [[include 2d6]]
Vital Information
sex modifiers
Male no change
Female n
Length ? feet ? inches + Body inches +?' - ?'
Weight (Body + Brawn Skill) x ? lbs + ? lbs - ? lbs
category range modifiers skill spend
Infant n-n years All stats reduced to 65% 5%
Child n-n years All stats reduced to 75% 25%
Adolescent n-n years Physical stats reduced to 90%, Mental and Interpersonal stats 85% 50%
Mature n-n years Physical and Interpersonal stats are 100%, Mental stats reduced to 95% 60%
Adult n-n years All stats are 100% 70%
Midde-Aged n-n years Physical stats reduced to 90%, Mental and Interpersonal stats are 100% 75%
Old n-n years Physical stats reduced to 85%, Mental and Interpersonal stats are reduced to 95% 80%
Venerable n+ years Physical stats reduced to 80%, Mental and Interpersonal stats are reduced to 90% 75%
Random Traits (1d6-5)