The Zard proved in the height of their conquest during the Lizard Wars, that they truly were survivors, for they alone could sire offspring with other races. By reproducing with men and myr along the borders of the Battlewaite, and deep along the southern coast. they spawned entire races of new Zard descendants. The most numerous and successful of these, the Goblyns, lend their name to the group as a whole, and the Goblynkin quickly became more successful than their monstrous western patrons.


The Zard, precursors of the goblynkin, ruled a vast empire beyond the Battlewaite, on the almost-unknown western reaches of Allornus. Though they already occupied what was reputed to be the most vast and rich territory of any myr race, their numbers grew great, and they crept slowly into the land where Battlewaite now stands, a long strip of arid planes leading into the ever-changing expanses of the Nightmare Lands. Unlike the other myrnamũn, they already had shape when they settled here, and so this western reach of a vast empire set about founding a civilization, and cementing the reach of the Zard.

Then came the Lizard Wars, and the proud Caliban stood against the slithering tide that was the onslaught of the western empire. And slowly, little by little, the Zard pushed west, until the very civilization of the Caliban defenders was ground down into barbarous savagery, and the sad-faced Caliban knew only war, and dogged survival. The Caliban poisoned their own homeland against the enemy attack, so that no army could pass, and eventually the Zard were cut off from their homeland, trapped in the east, and they were wiped out.

But they did not die. They lived on, hiding themselves amongst the peoples of the eastern lands, changing their very shapes to masquerade as members of other races as they had done when first they came to the east in the wasteland wars. And though over the generations there were fewer and fewer, until finally the Zard vanished from the world, in their disguised shapes they produced halfbreed spawn with the races that hosted them. These half breeds, early hobgoblyns, were the first of the goblynkin, and though they had to be smuggled away by fearful parents who thought them monsters, they were survivors, and they carried with them the legacy of the Zard.

When landsmen came to Allornus the hidden Zard likewise infiltrated their lands, and these more stable creatures, with their divh-inspired forms, birthed the Goblyns - far more successful creatures, who were able to band together and eventually claim lands of their own, rather than living like refugees in the shadows of other cultures. And eventually Goblyns became almost the second race of Allornus, nearly as successful as landsmen, and perhaps the most prolific and successful beneficiaries of the Lizard Wars.


Goblynkin are almost as widespread as landsmen, though for the most part their concentrations chart the penetration of the Zard armies. From the land where it is said their kind first spawned, the Goblynfells on the shores of the inner sea, where the Vashrite goblyns and hobgoblyns live, down through the Southlands and the Inner Sea Basin there are at least a dozen kingdoms ruled over by goblyns, and hobgoblyn communities are common, alongside the massive plains of Taurvann where the Kai range. In the east Bosk goblyns live in the plains of the Shattered Empire, largely in the heartlands of Dagvrith, and to the south the Talthakee goblyns rule the forest at the centre of Ahlonia. Meanwhile in the west the Battlewaite is home to a handful of scattered tribes, who languish in the blasted ruin of their once-great civilization - too far descended into barbarism to even lament what they have lost.

The Volume of Beasts: Bestiary for Darkrealm
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