The Goblyns are the descendants of Zard invaders, who have bred with landsmen. These most common of the goblynkin can still reproduce with men, but this dilution leads to a more and more landsmen creature with little to show for its myr heritage. Goblyns are the most prolific and numerous of the goblynkin, and their nations crop up all over southern Allornus, though in the north their aversion for the cold keeps them away.


Goblyns (Self), Terenshee (Ahlonia historic)



Goblyns are shorter than men, broad shouldered and stocky but deceptively fast and capable of sudden and explosive activity. They tend to have short, bowed legs which makes their stride shorter than a man of the same height, but only serves to make them fine horsemen. Their skin ranges from a dirty dark green-brown to a forest green, and is more leathery than that of a man. Goblyn hair is dark and coarse and oily, or else so fair as to appear almost white, and the men grow weak beards and hair on the legs, forearms and chest. The way hair is worn varies from place to place, but generally Goblyn men wear beards on the chin to strengthen their narrow, pointed jaws.

The Goblyns faces are surprisingly fine for all the bluntness of their forms, their eyes are slightly angular and slant up at the outer side, their brows are high and elegantly arched, their noses and chins are long and pointed and their cheeks tend to be sunken and hollow. The mouth of a Goblyn is manlike in its expressiveness, but the teeth are pointed and the lower jaw has two short tusks directly below the eyes that protrude slightly over the upper lip when the mouth is shut. Their ears are much larger than that of a man, and taper to a sharp point, often as high as the top of the head. Their necks are thick and short, meaning that the elegance of the face is abruptly ruined as it transitions into the body. In the northern Kelorn lands the vashrite Goblyns are slightly more manlike in shape, possibly because of the stock with which their Zard parents mated, but most are surprisingly similar despite their parentage.

Of his impressions of Goblyns, the historian Jordane of Tireste wrote thus:"They made their foes flee in horror because their swarthy aspect was fearful, and they had, if I may call it so, a sort of shapeless lump, not a head, with pin-holes rather than eyes. Their hardihood is evident in their wild appearance, and they are beings who are cruel to their children on the very day they are born. For they cut the cheeks of the males with a dagger, so that before they receive the nourishment of milk they must learn to endure wounds. Hence they grow old beardless and their young men are without comeliness, because a face furrowed by the sword spoils by its scars the natural beauty of a beard. They are short in stature, quick in bodily movement, alert horsemen, broad shouldered, ready in the use of bow and arrow, and have firm-set necks which are ever erect in pride. Though they live in the semblance of men, they have the cruelty of wild beasts."


Goblyns the world over are known to be fine horsemen, some are born in the saddle, and it is said that the foul tempered and aggressive goblyn-steeds that they breed will only truly accept a Goblyn master. Goblyns also have a natural affinity for confined spaces, especially underground. While few Goblyns dwell under the ground, they are comfortable in tight spaces, and their superior dark vision allows them to see in very little light. This comes from neither of their parent races, and whether it is the result of centuries spent hiding in caves from the races of the east or whether it is a peculiarity unique to the Goblyns is unclear.



Goblyns are naturally ruthless creatures, or rather they think little of taking what they need to survive, but they are not naturally greedy creatures. They will happily compete with other races, even other Goblyns, absolutely mercilessly, but they will seldom take more than they need. Goblyns are also thought of as craven, but really they are simply not given to senseless or noble bravery. If a Goblyn picks a fight he likes to believe he can win, and if he can't then it is anathema to his mind that he should ignore an opportunity to survive. In this way Goblyns tend to be very pragmatic creatures, realistic and cunning, and in a world where they are seldom a dominant race in any region this means that they tend to keep to themselves as much as possible, except when they feel the need to raid and rob their neighbours.


Goblyns are naturally social creatures, and tend to gather into social groups. Despite visions of them as barbarians by many of those around them, concentrations of Goblyns can have very elevated societies. Goblyns are no more or less intellectual than landsmen, and love things of beauty, and when they have the opportunity they create great works of art and culture. Still, their tendency to be willing to take means that their class system tends to be very much based on strength, and dynastic rule is rare. Goblyns do like to follow a powerful and capable leader, but have little interest in charisma or rhetoric, so usually they will live under a single ruler who surrounds himself with powerful retainers and, ironically, usually eventually falls victim to one of them.


Goblyns are a proud people, with the warrior blood of their invading Zard forebears flowing in their veins. Surpassing horsemen, they tend to organize themselves in bands based around supporting herds of horses or goblyn steeds, and the warriors that train them, usually these warriors lord over larger communities who run the economies of the Goblyns. As miners Goblyns are unsurpassed, and they work tools and weapons of metal the like of which no other can match save for the Bärchak of the Clawlands, with the greenish Goblyn-forged steel fetching a handsome price the world over. While their warrior culture means that Goblyns are prone to political struggles, particularly powerful or charismatic people often unite them into unified nations, and when they do Goblyn nations often cause problems for their neighbours, because they need a common foe to hold them together. Goblyn settlements tend to be large and based around some central industry. Buildings are of whatever the local material is, but usually only the citadel is strongly built. Goblyns have a major impact on the environment around them, as they are masters of extracting raw materials quickly and efficiently, and so often large deforested, artificially levelled, or mined out areas are common, with the terraced sides of tapped mines and quarries making for popular places to build homes, or even tunnel wooden-fronted, single-room dwellings into the earth. Because they often spoil the land with their large horse herds and lightening fast mining operations many Goblyn communities are semi nomadic, relocating every few seasons to allow their previous settlement to recover. When they do build settlements, particularly the done by the Vashri, their buildings are as grand as they can make them, with a love for pillars and towering walls and stone, but also a tendency for beautifully ordered courtyard gardens, of great symmetry, and perfectly trimmed topiaries.


Though there are three distinct Goblyn languages - Bosk, Talthakee, and Vashri - their names are often similar, if not identical. The following list are common names that appear in some form across the three Goblyn dialects.



Fast +1 | Perceptive +1 | Tough -1 | Forceful -1
Unique Abilities
Dark Vision
Infant 0-2 years -5 to all Talents except Lucky
Child 3-9 years -3 to all Talents except Lucky
Adolescent 10-13 years -1 to Tough, Clever and Knowledgeable
Adult 14-34 years none
Middle-aged 35-53 years -1 to Fast, Hale and Strong
Old 54-62 years -2 to all Physical Talents, -1 to Knowledgeable
Venerable 63+ years -3 to all Physical Talents, -2 to all Mental Talents
Basics Variables
Morphology Bipedal Height 5'1" + Size" + 1d3" - 1d3"
Diet Omnivorous Weight 165lbs + (Sizelbs x5) + (Brawnlbs x3) + 1d10lbs - 1d10lbs
Cycle Nocturnal Gender standard
Prime Sense Vision

Dark Vision

Natively nocturnal in their habits, and fond of dwelling in dark places in their more savage days, Goblyns can see on a dark night or in deep shadow as well as a man might in bright daylight. They should ignore Disadvantage associated with these low light levels.