Sitting in the northernmost territories of Sherevon, the town of Gondale is an important farming community, and a gateway to the growing wealth and influence of Marak and Barven in the north. Gondale is typical of northern Reddown, populous but not expansive its wattle and daub buildings seldom reach above two level townhouses, and cluster tightly around broad avenues with numerous small market squares each devoted to different local produce, grains and meat. A couple of days out from Sherevon itself Gondale sits at the heart of an expansive and rich area of farmland on the Gond stead, but the extensive Drillen and Saran steads also do the majority of their trade here, and the town has a large warehouse district for all of the goods moving through the township.

Region: Ahlonia, The Earldoms, Sherevon
Total Population: 2,900 approx.
Tech. Level: 6
Major Industry:
Major Religions:

The folk of Gondale are simple, there are no learning institutions, no great basilica, no notable artists or scholars, largely Gondale is inhabited by men who make their money trading in agricultural equipment, in goods grown in the earth, or in herd animals and products such as beef, milk, wool, mutton, pork and cheese. The local cheese, the crumbly Gondale that even shares the name of the town is made from goat milk, and while it is not fine it is inexpensive and made in bulk. The Doge of Gondale is Michael Trell, uncle of Arn Gond, master of the Gond stead. The Gonds have some distinction because Arn is the father-in-law of Shannon Vaun, Earl of Sherevon.

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