The mysterious Groldrin is certainly the least of the Hooded Ones in the eyes of the people of Kord, though many who underestimate Groldrin and see him as weak often disappear, never to be heard of again. When he is glimpsed on those rare public occasions where the Hooded Ones need remind people that they number three, he seldom stays for long, but glimpses have revealed him to be by far the eldest of the Hooded Ones, with puckered skin, ash-white hair, and dark hollow eyes that contain an ancient and malign wisdom.


appearance, voice, mannerisms, clothes and trappings


personality, moods, regular behaviour


upbringing, skill acquisition, formative events


friends, family, enemies, contacts


Race sex race Skills
Age category (n) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession profession (n) skill value speciality value
Faith faith (n)
Class description (n/n)
Statistics Inventory
Agility n weapon attack damage reach
Beauty n
Constitution n
Dexterity n
Endurance n armour protection hardness durability
Initiative n
Strength n tools skill modifier
Intelligence n attire/misc notes
Knowledge n
Perception n
Will n
Wisdom n
Bravery n
Charm n
Leadership n
Negotiation n
Luck n
Plan Bipedal
Cycle Diurnal
Diet Omnivore
Inferior ESP 2

Character Traits

name (n)