Guide Profession

The roads and trails, and even the cities of the world are not always safe places, and nor are they always what they seem. An outsider who has much to lose - one who values his time, or his goods, or sometimes even his neck - might well seek the aid of a knowledgeable local to find him the best routes, to lead him to the notables of a town, to guide him past treacherous terrain or to a place where he might find buyers for his goods. These Guides can make good coin making sure that merchants and travellers make good time, find the right people, void swollen rivers and bandit country, or simply stay out of the wrong neighbourhood. But of course their clients are utterly in their hands, and more than a few such guides are in the pay of bandits - leading fat merchant wagons into bloody ambushes for a cut of the plunder.

Regions: Ancient Duchies, Lands of Chill, Inner Sea Basin, Southlands.
Tech. Code: 3, it takes dense civilization for enough people to be mobile enough to support a professional guide.
Rarity: 5, though guides require little more than a good knowledge of local people and places, call for their service is limited.
Social Class: 2, guides work for rich men, and their service demands skill and experience, affording them some respect.
Fame: 2, it behoves a guide to make his name known so that people will point business to him. But most of those he works with are just passing through.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
Skills Acumen 2 3 3
Awareness 2 2 3
Bargaining 1 2 3
Conning 1 2 3
Intimidation 1 2 3
Questioning 1 2 2
Region Lore 3 5 6
Stealth 1 2 3
Terrain Survival 3 4 4
Tracking - 1 2
Wealth 1 2 2
Value 26 54 77

Usual Trappings

  • Traveller's attire.
  • Leather sap or stout club.
  • A knife or dagger.
  • Sometimes a sturdy walking staff.
  • Usually a deck of cards or set of dice, or other passtime.
  • Sometimes a sling and bag of stones.
  • Often a blanket or bedroll.
  • Usually a spoon, bowl, and pot.
  • Often flint and tinder.
  • Sometimes a simple tent.
  • Often a few days travel rations.
  • Usually a backpack, or strong sack.
  • Rarely a pony, mule, or other beast of burden.