Guild Of Carpenters

The Guild of Carpenters is a unified group of all of the skilled builders and woodworkers of Southaven and southern Reddown. When a town needs a major structure built, such as a civic building, temple dome or manor house, the guild is usually called on to outsource the job to one of their members.

Guildmaster: Toril Greine
Guild Seconds: Harris Gray, Alden Ricker, Robin Doul
Home: Ennis/Southaven


The guild receives the majority of the contracts for civic building and repair throughout the major settlements. They construct structures in cities and major towns including homes, businesses, and even docks and bridges for the most part, as well as steader's manors and mills in the countryside, as well as occasionally being commissioned to erect temporary fortifications with military units. Maintenance as common as construction, but doesn't command nearly so high a price.Sometimes a single carpenter will be contracted by the guild to maintain a major structure on a by-year basis. Cabinetry is also popular, and requires less labour and little mobility, but only the wealthy can afford such luxuries and most cabinet makers need the added expense of a shop to conduct business.


Carpenters usually work independently, clients visit the guildhall with a commission and the commission is awarded to a worthy carpenter based on when he registered as a guild member. A carpenter will often keep several labourers in his employ, either on a per-job basis or more permanently depending on how much work he has, but these are neither professionals nor members of the guild. Carpenters in the guild are expected to take an apprentice. Apprentices will serve under their master for seven years, during which time they work for room, board and tuition on whatever contract their master deems fit, and are forbidden from marrying or visiting taverns in this time. After their period of training they must register with the guild, but the guild is not obligated to accept them as members.

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