Guild Of Foresters, Loggers And Hunters

The largest of the guilds of old Sigard, the Guild of Foresters, Loggers and Hunters is an affiliation of all of those who make their living in the forests in Werndel. The guild seeks to stop these individuals from being exploited in the price they are paid for their goods and services, by acting as an agent for the sale of timber, furs, game and meat to businesses in the cities. Instead of taking their goods to market registered members can sell their goods at a guild house. Non members usually find that influential businesses won't purchase their goods.

Guildmaster: Levin Ward
Guild Seconds: Shane Owen
Home: Ennis


The guild is an affiliation of all of these usually solitary professions, not designed to protect their skill set, but predominantly for security reasons. When a logging expedition, or a forester, or a huntsman goes out into the wild he lets the guild know where he is bound, and when he returns he can sell his goods through the guild for a fair and balanced price rather than using time searching for a buyer or being swindled by savy merchants. The guild will also embark on journeys to find any member who fails to check in within a month of when he reports that he expects to - though these seldom turn up any results. Other than standardizing prices for bulk goods produced by forestry the guild has little or no influence, and is just a rough alliance rather than a unified body.


Members pay a small annual fee to the guild house in order to benefit from the ability to trade with a guild agent, and register his movements with that agent. Members are free to act as individuals or in groups as they choose, and mixed groups of members and non members are common and not discouraged. Only the small bureaucracy that runs the guild is really formalized in any meaningful way.

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