Guild Of Minstrals, Playwrights And Artists

Many noblemen and wealthy steaders see little or no value in art, and when they commission pieces they realize that the artists of Ahlonia are dependent upon their patronage, and use this advantage to drive down the value of artistic pieces. As a result the guild takes it upon itself to negotiate all such matters on behalf of the artists. Unifying them and giving their work greater value. The Guild of Minstrels, Playwrights and Artists only involves itself with commissions in southern Reddown however, as most such works are handles by the church in Southaven.

Guildmaster: Oenwin Thomas
Guild Seconds: Toril Dixon
Home: Lierkist


The guild is an affiliation of all of a plethora of diverse artists, not designed to protect their specific skill set as other guilds are, but predominantly in the interests of standardizing and protecting the value of their work. The finest artists belong to the guild, and can only be commissioned through the guild at fair guild rates, and the most in demand artists who have been grown within the guild accept what is likely a lower rate in return for new members having the ability to actually make a living while developing their craft.


Members pay a small annual fee to the guild house in order to benefit from the ability to trade with a guild agent, and register his movements with that agent. Members are free to act as individuals or in groups as they choose, and mixed groups of members and non members are common and not discouraged. Only the small bureaucracy that runs the guild is really formalized in any meaningful way. Many artists do take apprentices, but there are no formal rules about apprentice conduct, however when their apprenticeship is complete the artists is encouraged to point the apprentice to the guild.

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