Guild Of Scribes

The scribes of Ahlonia are usually attached to businesses and noble households, as well as the extensive bureaucracies of state, as letter-writers and record keepers, as well as a few who are employed reproducing secular literature, including popular books of poetry, plays and histories. The Guild of Scribes is a body that unifies this group throughout Southaven and old Sigard. Non-members are usually street side letter writers and readers, available for an affordable price to everyone.

Guildmaster: Morn Allen
Guild Seconds: Olwen Moore
Home: Southaven


The guild of scribes provides all of the official scribes, bookkeepers, accountants, secretaries, advocates and letter writers to the judicial courts, steads, merchant guilds and noble houses of Ahlonia. Guild scribes are held to a strict code of secrecy about any material they handle, and punished by severe fine and censure should they ever break this confidentiality, even to another member of the guild. Guild members almost always work for large institutions or powerful individuals in old Sigard, with street-stall letter writers being independant, and held to no such standard of confidentiality.


Scribes usually work independently, clients visit the guildhall with a commission and the commission is awarded to a worthy scribe based on when he registered as a guild member. Scribes in the guild are expected to take an apprentice. Apprentices will serve under their master for seven years, during which time they work for room, board and tuition on whatever contract their master deems fit, and are forbidden from marrying or visiting taverns in this time. After their period of training they must register with the guild, but the guild is not obligated to accept them as members.

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