Guild Of Shipwrights

One of the most elitist of all of the guilds is the Guild of Shipwrights, they alone know the secrets of building the seagoing vessels of Ahlonia. As a result they are also in the most demand, and command the highest price. The guild houses are also the only place members are allowed to work, and the only place they are trained. Rogue shipwrights who have tried to break away from the guild find themselves under legal sanction, and if that fails then the guild is quite open about its willingness to burn the competition to the ground.

Guildmaster: Rickard Powell
Guild Seconds: Jarrod Hill, Malcolm Doul, Daelin Nole
Home: Bandar/Lierkist/Southaven


The guild of shipwrights are absolutely the only men on Ahlonia who have the skills or the sanction to construct seagoing vessels, and they are the only men in the world who produce the distinctive anchor-hulled vessels common to the region. They construct large secure warehouses over wet and dry docks that keep the processes that they undergo a fiercely guarded secret. Guild officials oversee guild labour in the construction of hull, mast and even sails all in total secrecy. The guild of shipwrights also trains sailors for a price, though by law they may only lease their vessels to the royal navy in Reddown, in Southaven they are bound by no such law, and old vessels can be traded legally - albeit without a navigator - while new ones will only be leased. However the guild will only repair and maintain its own vessels. The guild of shipwrights is blatant about its willingness to resort to violence and force to protect the secrets of ship building. The most elite members of the guild are the navigators, revered diviners and sorcerers who can tell direction by the skies, and with a series of arcane instruments that only they understand, and that they will dies to protect.


The guild is split into a series of private wharves that house warehouses and offices in Lierkist, Southaven and Bandar each administered by a guild-second. The guild is heavily stratified, with basic labourers on the bottom, then the professionals who build more complex winches and sew sails, to the architects who plan and oversee construction, to the most elite body within the guild, the navigators, more secretive than most cultists and revered with almost religious fervor withing the guild, they are expected to give their lives without hesitation in the defence of their apparatus and skills. Navigators will never leave the guild, and are leased to the royal navy, and the other guilds with the ships.

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