Guild Of Smiths

The Sigard Guild of Smiths is only based in the port cities along the southern coast of Reddown. The smiths are essential for the construction and maintenance of metal goods, a rare and valuable skill in Ahlonia. While small town smithies may not be affiliated with the guild any smith operating a business in a major town or city must be registered with the guild. Over the years the guild has become almost cult like, with its own secret rites and rituals, and its private ceremonies are learned from handbooks written in code - not to say that all members are literate.

Guildmaster: Harald Swerend
Guild Seconds: Daman Hughes, Adam Lowen
Home: Lierkist


The guild of smiths provides all the workers of metal in southern Reddown, and has set it's sights on Daultin and points north. When other metalworkers set up a business that takes clients from a guild member the repercussions can often be unpleasant, with guild agents making life unbearable for the unaligned smith in every way possible beyond overtly breaking the law. Even members face sanction and heavy fines should they fail to attend the monthly meetings at the guildhall. Guild members identify themselves with encoded and seemingly innocuous questions and responses, or by a secret handshake so that no smith can masquerade as a guild member and thus access their secrets. Only the guild has knowledge of the construction of a number of complex devices - which they guard jealously.


Smiths generally operate their own business and acquire their own client base. Non members are generally persecuted if they try to start a business where a guild member is present. All members are expected to visit monthly gatherings of the guild in their secret rites at their local guildhall. Smiths in the guild are expected to take one or more apprentices - indeed these are usually essential to the running of the business. Apprentices will serve under their master for seven years, during which time they work for room, board and tuition on whatever contract their master deems fit, and are forbidden from marrying or visiting taverns in this time. After their period of training they must register with the guild, but the guild is not obligated to accept them as members. Apprentices may not attend the secret ceremonies of the smiths.

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