Hadib Un-Dondar

The monstrous Hadib Un Dondar is the current Karv of the Bharvarsh, and the right hand of the Goblynking. Something of a weapon in Pachak's mind, Hadib is a fine warrior, and no fool, but he is too simple for guile and ambition, and the Goblynking ensures that he is so well rewarded that such talents will never have the opportunity to develop. As a result Hadib is the Goblynking's most loyal and devoted servant.


Hadib stands over six and a half feet tall, and his sinewy body is a mass of long, lean muscle. Due to his height he tends to hunch and his long arms reach past his knees, but his huge shoulders and back give him and impression of tensed aggression rather than lethargy. He clothes himself in a heavy suit of chain mail clearly taken from a Reddown cavalryman and a ragged war banner of the Earldom of Marratharn as a cape. His face is ugly and crushed into a snout like all of the eastern goblyns and his jaw, clearly broken in several places juts jaggedly to form the twisted ruin of a mouth, giving him a permanent evil leer. His eyes are tiny and piggish, and his sight is beginning to fail him, leading him to squint at things in order to see them properly.


Hadib is a giant by goblyn standards, possessing an unnatural strength and ferocity, and an almost feral tactical cunning coupled with all the loyalty and intelligence of a small child. Though not especially dull, Hadib is simply not given to thinking, preferring to break necks rather than consider whose they are. With the combination of anamilistic sadism and a complete devotion to the Goblynking, it is Hadib who drives the Bharvarsh to the deeds that have made them legendary, and his immense frame mounted upon his equally immense horse Ghadab has carved itself permanently into the minds of those who have opposed him and lived.


Pachak brought Hadib home from a visit to the scattered tribes of the Roughlands, the goblyn homeland, when he first seized rulership of the Black Eye. His reasoning was that the goblyn he trusted to watch his back should be one without agenda in the Forest, and so had to be from outside it. He chose well, and Hadib’s own people were pleased to see him and the monstrous giant whose company he kept go, as well as happy to be acknowledged by their powerful cousins to the west. The Goblynking kept the monster Hadib with him throughout his rise to power, and in that time Hadib grew to both respect and even fear Pachak, cementing his loyalty all the more, and his sadistic whims always had someone to be vented upon so the beast remained happy and loyal. Now he barely remembers a time before his service to Rasch, and serves out of habit as much as anything else.


The Karv’s only duty other than battlefield command of the Bharvarsh is to act as or provide a bodyguard for the Goblynking, and this he has done admirably. In his time living in the Roughlands Hadib befriended a particularly stupid and mean tempered giant, whom he renamed Bud-bud who had been cast from his tribe. Placid so long as he remains well fed, the giant now serves as personal guard and retainer to the Goblynking, of whom he is a little afraid due to the high esteem in which Hadib holds him. In return most goblins are in awe of the giant, their ancestral enemy, and this serves to even more deeply ingrain the supremacy of the Goblynking.


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Character Traits

Utter Loyalty (3)

There is no questioning Hadib Un Dondar's loyalty to the Goblynking. Pachak is like a father and a brother to him, he rewards the Bharvarsh generously, keeps them in fine manner, and brings Hadib respect, wealth, and the opportunity to ride out and enforce his will on the land. There is little in the world that could compel his loyalty to shift from Pachak.

The Beast (2)

Hadib is a brutal giant, whose hands do not turn easily to things of delicacy, and whose mind seems slow and unwieldy. This causes many to fear the monstrous Karv, but it also fills many clever goblyns with disdain, thinking him nothing more than a club, wielded by the Goblynking's hand.