Haedrian XCI

Born Tarasus Ulinias Phanos, in YED 1896 the reigning Imperator of Haedrasia was reborn Haedrian XCI before the Divhi-Imperator's Eternal Trone. In his portraits, depicted in friezes, on scrolls, and in ornate mosaics the empire-over, he is a tall and noble leader, handsome and mighty. And so many are surprised to meet the fat, slovenly, casually profane, and frequently moody man that he has become. Still, there is something irresistible in the man. An urge to follow him, to love him, to forgive him anything. An effortless force of personality that is almost elemental in its inexorability.


The Imperator of Haedrasia was a truly handsome man two decades ago. Tall, even amongst the sons of Haederas. Lean and well muscled, with a thick head of hair and beautiful beard. A strong jaw, full mouth, and glorious eyes added infinite appeal to his already infectious charm. Now the frame has grown thick and portly, the hair and beard remain rich and full, but the skin has sallowed and grown patchy with wine, and the eyes are listless and disinterested. The rich voice is now raucous and booming, and the elegant bearing has become slovenly. And yet, there is enough of that man he was left that he wears his extra weight with dignity; pulls off drunkenness, sloth and gluttony with aplomb; and makes lascivious suggestion and overt profanity engaging. Even having never known the passionate, powerful man that Haedrian once was, there are enough traces of him left on the Imperator's doughy frame, enough mere fragments and fingerprints survive that even as a fallen wreck he is still more striking, more vital, more fascinating than a thousand better men.


In his youth, and in the early days of his reign when he overthrew the mad Imperator Haedrian XC and fought the great houses, Haedrian XCI had passion. He was a driven, determined, ambitious man, with a cause and an enemy. And when he appointed his advisor he made courageous choices that promised reform for Haedrasia. His reign began with what seemed like a new and shining beacon leading Haedrasia into the future. Now twenty-three years have passed, and the Imperator has changed. A man with no cause; one who sits astride the world as its lord and master; one whose dominion is beyond the scope of even his own imagination, Haedrian has become apathetic. Once he tirelessly immersed himself in strategy, religion, and lore. Now he indulges in spirits, women and food, preferring the limitless pleasures afforded by his station to the humdrum and seemingly ineffectual labours of rule. He trusts to able and passionate lieutenants, and has not even attended the hall of the Divhi-Imperator, mere steps from his own palace, in years. Thankfully his subjects have yet to realize how little he now cares, and how much energy he devotes to avoiding the world of politics rather than navigating it. Haedrian veers between callous levity, and maudlin savagery and his moods turn with the wind. Most have found it simpler to leave him to his vices, and rule Haedrasia without him.


upbringing, skill acquisition, formative events


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Race Male Haedrasian Skills
Age Middle Aged (44) Skill Points: spent/total
Profession Imperator (3) skill value speciality value
Faith Imperatry Temple (9)
Class Imperator of Haedrasia (11/11)
Statistics Inventory
Agility 18 weapon attack damage reach
Beauty 19
Constitution 22
Dexterity 17
Endurance 21 armour protection hardness durability
Strength 22 tools skill modifier
Intelligence 20 attire/misc notes
Knowledge 21
Perception 16
Will 23
Wisdom 16
Bravery 25
Charm 21
Leadership 26
Negotiation 20
Luck 21
Plan Bipedal
Cycle Diurnal
Diet Omnivore
Inferior Instinct 2
Natural Athletics 1
Unarmed Combat 1

Character Traits

Slouched Astride the World (3)

What is becoming increasingly evident is that the Imperator of Haedrasia simply doesn't care anymore. When a man is handed power beyond anything he has even dreamed. When he rules more citizens that he can conceive of existing. When he can have anything, do anything, achieve anything with the merest command, apathy quickly sets in. Haedrian is growing fat, slothful, and callous now that nothing in the world challenges him. He appoints the best advisers, and then indulges in the pleasures of the flesh. Wine, food, women. Now he is hard to shake, and harder still to rouse.

A King Amongst Kings (3)

It cannot be doubted that even the mightiest king on the continent does not rule over even a tenth of what Haedrian does. His edict carries more weight than that of most Divh. He directly controls half of the world's wealth. More than half the world's armies. More than half of the mortal beings that live on Allornus bend the knee to him as supreme ruler. Even the mightiest overlord cannot possibly forget who this man is. He is truly a king amongst kings.