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Tech Code: 6
Industries and Trades:
Major Terrain:
Primary Languages:
Major Settlements: Tohl Claeren.


Physical Geography

Haeliard is a foreboding, rocky land, stretching down the eastern coast of the Gulf of Shay. It seems certain that before the Sundering Haeliard was not nearly so mountainous and rugged, but now the land has been bent and dark granite abounds. And though these low mountains are but a footnote to the Spearmarches to the north, they are cloaked in austere, shadowy pine forests, and beset by blue-black storms, making for a grimmer, bleaker land.

Political Geography

The region is ruled by the iron grip of a secretive group of knights called the Silent Legion and their mysterious leader the Watcher. These austere and sinister warriors are a rogue order of templars, who developed heretical views that Rallah is dead, and turned to a new divhi based on the beliefs of a small group of deeplings several generations ago. When the kings of the various fiefs of Haeliard died, out the Silent Order simply assumed control of their lands before an heir could arrive, and made it quite clear any claimant attempting to interrupt their stewardship would be unwelcome. No one, as yet, has asked whether or not they are a part of the High Kingdom, though Ralstaa still claims the province, and since the Watchers of Haeliard seem to have lost all expansionist ambition long ago, at the borders of the old province, no one has pressed the issue.

Social Geography

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The Folk of the Silent Kingdom

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Flora and Fauna

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Notable Individuals

The Watcher
The watcher is the shadowy leader of the Silent Legion.

Grandmaster Tynial Waiting-Rook, Voice of the Watcher, Legion Champion
Tynial serves as the public face of the silent legion and is the greatest of the grand masters. He has served with the legion since he was eight years old, and moved through its ranks quickly, now he speaks for the watcher himself in the Inner Circle.

Grand Chaplain Furial Striking-Hawk
Furial holds the post of Legion Grand Chaplain, and as a result he bears the souls of the entire legion in his ironclad fist. It is said that with his right hand he delivers blessing and with his left he sheds blood.

Martal the Deepling
Martal’s kin have served with the Legion since the departing of his people from the mountains eight centuries ago. He is the penultimate survivor of his people, their numbers wittling from a small community over the generations down to a single Deepling. He no longer even understands the language of his own race, but he reads it fluently. It was his many times great grandther who long ago forged the ancient and ceremonial arms and armour of the most revered and honoured members of the Legion, and it Martal who trains the artificers to maintain these relics and create new armour and weapons for the legion. While he laments that he cannot pass on his knowledge fully to those not of his kind, his four gnarled hands are too old and arthritic for him to continue his work. Still, his followers turn out weapons of iron and steel the like of which are seen nowhere else in the knives.

Today in Haeliard…

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The Knives of Rallah, High Kingdom of Ralstaa
The Shaeish Kingdoms Caldare, Donnaigh, Rhuovaith, Kileirey, Balleymoore, Cannavin, Wynd, Breconn, Coulbaigh
The Lleweith Kingdoms Avalaigh, Haeliard, Lammornia, Branddale, Talladale, Bradenthyr, Tohl
The Starwood Cwmbran, Kentallen Wood, Uerenuell
Tuarvael Castrette, Serlot, Friesse
The Dunsain Kingdoms Byrnham, Blackstone, Craigbyrn, Duncarrick, Strath Gorge, Garynshae, The Clanlands, Aulorn's Gate
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