Hardened Leather Armour

Hardened Leather, sometimes called boiled leather, is one of the most common kinds of armour amongst Allornus's military. It consists of thick leather, boiled in water (some variations use oil and wax as well). The boiling causes the leather to be harder but also more brittle. The leather remains flexible for a short time after boiling, allowing it to be moulded into larger plates reminiscent of basic plate armour, such as grieves, brarcers and breastplates. It can also be fashioned into scales reminiscent of scale mail, but rather than forming a whole suit, which would be impractical, these are used to protect areas that need to flex, in the form of skirts of pauldrons. While all manner of exotic animals render tougher or lighter leather, or leather with mystical properties, the most common forms of leather armour come from cows, deer, or in lands with ork√Ľn, the chitin of strider crabs. Chitin is constructed by laminating several layers of crab shell glued with organic resins. The design is lighter and more comfortable than traditional boiled leather, but equally brittle.

type material hard B hard I hard W pro B pro I pro W encumbrance durability tech code
Hardened Leather Hide Boiled Leather 1 1 2 +5 +3 +4 7 27 2
Orkun Chitin Hide Laminated Chitin 2 1 2 +5 +4 +5 5 27 2
Common Forms Suit, Brestplate, Hauberk, Grieves, Bracers, Skirt, Open-faced Helmet