Hedge Witch Profession

A Hedge Witch (or Warlock) serves an important role in small societies all over Allornus. They are repositories of old and valuable knowledge from herb lore to healing, midwifery to fortune telling, warding off hexes and creating charms. Many witches are knowledgeable in obscure history, or forgotten religion. They are the scholars and students in societies where such luxuries are given up for toil. They are the healers and surgeons in lands where a man might otherwise risk death a hundred times a day. They are the malefactors and bogeymen in places where their lore is not understood, or where they have been angered and their vengeance is writ indelibly on the hearts and minds of a settlement.

Regions: Ahlonia Isle (as Wisdoms), Shattered Empire, Knives of Rallah (as Seers), Ancient Duchies (as Vedma), Lands of Chill (as Crones), Southlands, Inner Sea Basin.
Tech. Code: 2, with the growth of herb-lore, basic medicine and permanent settlements came witches.
Rarity: 4, most large towns can support only a single witch and her apprentices.
Social Class: 3-4, sometimes the town witch is feared or reviled, but she is still respected - even more so when needed.
Fame: 2-3, most folk can name their town witch.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
Skills Acumen 1 2 3
Alchemy 3 4 5
Bargaining 2 3 3
Cookery 2 2 3
Divination 1 2 2
Healing 2 3 4
Herbalism 4 5 7
Intimidation 2 3 3
Terrain Survival 1 2 3
Wealth 2 2 4
Value 35 59 94

Usual Trappings

  • Labourer's attire.
  • Hood.
  • Bandoleer or sack of bottles.
  • Often mortar and pestle.
  • Sometimes a walking stick.
  • Knife or shears.
  • Herb pouch.
  • Healer's kit (gut, needle, alcohol, bandage).
  • Sometimes a small pet.
  • Usually flint and tinder.
  • Assorted herbs* (1d6+3 bundles)
  • Rarely a few brews* (1d4-1 brews)


Witches will occasionally know a smattering of the most minor magic, in fact they are one of only a few common Professions to guard such secrets (alongside certain orders of priesthood). A normal witch will know a number of Minor Magical Spells based on her level of profession each at skill level 2 at the usual cost of 3 SP each. Each region is likely to share the same set of minor magic between most of its witches, as the lore is passed from master to apprentice and aggregated to neighbouring settlements. As a result one witch's magical toolset is unlikely to differ much from another's in a given region or even an entire culture.

Apprentice Practitioner Master
1d10-9 1d10-7 1d6-3

As with trappings, Players need not randomize their Spells, but rather can purchase whatever their Skills Points (and Director) allow.