Henric Ansell

The freeman servant Henric Ansell is the personal manservant of the Kingsown Calum Garrow. This broad, jovial man may be treated as a mere retainer, but in reality he is invaluable to his master, both as a way to relate to the common people of Highdunn, for his combat abilities, and for his more practical skills. A heavy drinker, and zealous eater, and a man of deep if hidden piety, Henric is well liked, and indeed easy to like.


Henric is big built, and carries a great deal of weight, but he is also hard and muscular, and when he is exerted his ropey muscles show through and make his physical conditioning obvious. Not enormous, he is rather more solid. His square features, deep set eyes, heavy brows and thick hard mouth all lend to this overall impression of immovability. Henric is a naturally hairy man, and his great pride is his huge moustache which he keeps combed and waxed. He says he shaves his head so as not to draw attention from it, but those who know him well know that he conceals a zealous religious nature which has led him to do so in emulation of the priests, so that the Dioune have easy access to his thoughts. Henric is private about his piety, but intense. More obvious is his marked limp. Henric prefers to lean on a crutch, though he is comfortable without it. His left leg was severely damaged when trampled by a Goblyn horse when he served in a force under the Earl of Rotheron. He tends to favour this old war wound and alternately downplay its effect on him or perform ludicrously when he tells the story of his injury.


Henric is a broad-built, heavy set man, boisterous and jovial, quick to laugh and even tempered but formidable in a fight. Most striking about Henric is a lust for life, he can come across as lazy or self-centred at times, and his actions are often brash and impetuous, but he is driven by an intense love of all of the vices in life. Wine, women and food are great passions of Henrics, as well as collecting outlandish and often broadly embellished stories of his exploits that he has mastered telling expertly so as to get a laugh of a gasp from his listeners at exactly the right moments, and no matter how many times they’ve heard the tale.


Henric is a native of the village of Korft north of Thairon along the Thair. He was press ganged into the militia and liked it so much that he enlisted in the army and served in Kithridge until he was trampled by a Goblyn raider and his leg was badly hurt. He served in the reserves during the Maethian coup, but never saw any action, and was then officially retired. With few real skills as a freeman Henric found employment in the service of Calum Garrow of the King's Own, a role he has since excelled in.


Henric has no family of his own, he never married, and his parents are long dead. He has three brothers, but of their whereabouts he has no idea, and he has not seen them for more than a decade. His master Calum is his only real companion, though Ansell has no trouble finding companionship amongst the people of whatever land he is sent to - he is an immensely likeable sort who is easy to talk to and quick to laugh, meaning that within an hour of walking into a tavern he has a dozen new friends.


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