Henry Baldardun (694 HC to 736 HC)

Henry Baldardun holds the dubious distinction of being the last of the Baldardun kings of Baldardunn (now Highdunn), and the last of the dynasty founded by Martel Baldardun himself. Henry vanished from the world when he mists of Mierellia rose, and his remains never recovered. Most think of this as a sad and inappropriate end to a legendary and great line of kings.

Early Years, 694 HC - 709 HC

Henry was raised to be a King from the moment of his birth, he was not first in line for the throne of Highdunn, but his elder brother was not mentally competent to rule, and so once it was established that Henry had the facilities for thought and speech that his elder brother lacked it was an accepted fact that he would one day be King. His father Dorn was much advanced in years. Having been told by the priests that his seed had been cursed after the birth of his first son, Dorn had waited and prayed and performed acts of piety and charity for over a decade before lying with his wife again, and his reward was a son who was strong and wise, but had the fiery determination of his famed ancestors.

Henry was sent to the Tresser Veldt to learn the art of warfare, to Daultin to learn statesmanship and to Sonalburrough where he learned the art of swordsmanship and how to ride the fearsome Samsun as had all of the Baldardun heirs in the way that their progenitor had. Henry excelled at all of his studies, and it seemed that he would make a truly excellent king. However after his fifth year abroad his father Dorn passed away suddenly in the night. Henry had to race back to Thairon for his coronation earlier in his life than any could remember on Ahlonia.

A Child King, 710 HC - 713 HC

At just fifteen years of age, before he could even grow a full beard, Henry was crowned King of all Baldardunn from the Roughlands to the Tresser Veldt. He was ushered in under the moniker of "The Child King", a slur wittily thrown off by the Earl of Sherevon that stuck, and indeed was celebrated by the folk of Baldardunn. Henry's early years were spent catching up to where a king would usually be at the time of his taking the throne, and growing to be a man. During this time a council of advisers essentially ruled in Henry's name, until he would come of age and truly be a man.

In the Shadow of Martel, 714 HC - 734 HC

Henry had heard much about his coming into the world being the work of the Dioune's blessing. He looked upon the sword at his hip and the samsun in his stables, and the shield on his arm, and he read Bols annals of the life of Martel Baldardun, and he grew to know in his heart that it was his task to restore the greatness of Martel to the Baldardun line. To this end Henry became consumed with trying to recover Daundugar, to proclaim himself truly Martel's successor with this potent symbol of divine blessing.

Henry waged war with the goblyns in the west with a grim efficiency, and was able to win many great victories, more with his strategy than his command. He brokered treaties with Sigard and Reddown, he fostered trade, but nothing consumed his reign more than his burning obsession with Daundugar, and he searched high and low. In this time he sought giants to face in combat and fenn wyrms in the fenns and all manner of other enemies that emulated those of his ancestor, but Henry always seemed to come up somehow lacking. He never wrestled a giant to the ground single handed, but slew many once they had been sufficiently weakened by arrow fire. He slew fenn wyrms and bested siele, but never alone. His accomplishments were great, but they always paled in the face of Martel's. Some advisers began to question Bol's annals, began to suggest that perhaps there had indeed been exaggeration, but Henry would hear none of it.

During 721 HC there was a brief altercation with Reddown over some territory in the forest, but Henry never took the field, and while the engagements fought were violent and protracted the war itself was over quickly thanks to the sheer numbers of the goblyn forces of Reddown could quickly bring to bare against them. By 723 HC Henry had drawn up a treaty agreeing to new boarders, and in the interest of keeping the tactical edge Henry even invited a number of goblyn tribes from the roughlands to move to the Tresser Veldt region where they could establish new territories. However a number of tribes also made the trip from the Roughlands to settle in Reddown.

Mierellia, the Mists and Disappearance, 735 HC - 736 HC

In 735 HC Henry received word from a large group of siele refugees that were known to be in an obscure part of his domain north of the Roughlands. These siele demanded independence, and control over the section of land they occupied. Henry saw an opportunity to prove himself finally, and the war he would subsequently wage was more an act of validation than born of any interest in the territory. With a full force Henry himself led his men to the north and found a mountain pass through which to march into the forested vale that was disputed. However once here he found that the siele guerrilla veterans simply impossible to engage. His forces would be drawn to a place where the siele were camped, would encounter a number of small ambushes along the way, and then find the siele encampment gone without a trace.

After a year of this, beyond frustration Henry's advisers persuaded him to remember the siele wars, and Henry marched a full three tribes of goblyns north to meet him, with the intention of totally deforesting the vale and giving the guerrillas nowhere to hide. Henry himself then marched to the pass from his encampment in the northern Roughlands with an enormous party of the Kings Own to meet them. Before the goblyns arrived however a great mist rose and engulfed the King's party. Mere hours later various members of that party staggered from the mists days travel along the mountain boarder, but Henry Baldardun and the bulk of the Kings Own simply never emerged.