Henry Lander (999 to 1042 HC)

Henry Lander, last King of Sigard and last of the line of Lander. Henry reigned over the latter days of the Goblyn Wars, and was present for the first part of the Battle of Cravenrock. He was allied for the majority of his reign with the great landsmen leaders of Ahlonia, including the Earls Council under Martin Forthest, and Loric Baldur King of Highdunn. He was besieged with Baldur at Fort Shorn where the first Goblynking Vachak Taar was defeated.

Lander was always an ostentatious and imperious monarch, and his military victories, and the failure of Martin Forthest to topple Cravenrock within mere days of his departure made him even more so. After a long period of good will and allegiance between the landsmen nations Lander's navy had made his nation rich and powerful and prosperous, and Sigard was not nearly so badly ravaged by the Goblyn Wars as other nations, so Henry returned home to the birth of a golden age for Sigard, leaving a great many of his warships moored in his allies harbours, almost ominously, making a great deal of the generosity of such an act. Radical priests in Lierkist sought to name the war hero Henry Lander an oracle, songs were sung all over the land of his heroic and able command, the most successful of the latter Goblyn Wars, and his generosity and largess with his troops and generals.

Lander may have developed an inflated opinion of himself, or maybe a realistic opinion of himself, but whatever the case he revelled in the spoils of war. In 1042 in a move that is generally credited with being the cause of the war with Reddown, Lander welcomed the Earls Council, in their simple gowns and caps of office, in rare silks, a gold crown and fine jewellery, clad in ornate full armour, the very picture of the wealthy, powerful monarch he was. He offered the Earls Council expensive gifts, horses and jewels taken from the Goblyns, and threw a feast in their honour that was more decadent and costly than any feast ever thrown on Ahlonia before or since. Three days after the council's tight-lipped departure Henry Lander sickened and died. Suspicion that the Earls of Reddown had poisoned the King in a fit of embarrassed rage was and still is rife, but no concrete link was ever made between the two. Having never had enough time to marry or sire an heir on campaign against the Goblyns Lander left Sigard heirless and ripe for severe civil tumult.