Holt Strongarm Uth-Lewen

All ruire in Ralstaa know and duly fear the name of Holt 'Strongarm' Uth-Lewen, before he was King of Tarabat Holt was one of the most dominant figures at tourney of his age. Now that he is King Holt has continued to conduct himself as he did at tourney, with raw aggression and pure offence. A consummate warrior and disinterested King, to Holt problems can be solved with force, and the stronger the kingdom the more he can neglect his duties and indulge his love the hunt, a contest hearkening back to his jousting days.


The mighty King of Tarabat and Kovarth is a towering monster of a man, and few are as powerful or as skilled at arms. With bulging limbs, leather like skin and immense stature, Holt is rendered more imposing still by the long braided hair and flowing beard he wears as testament to his warrior lineage and talents. Aside from these affectations and his fine garb however the King of Tarabat is no beauty, and the scarring across his face and single milky-white eye, and the stone-like hardness of his features attests to the hardships endured in his errant days.


King Strongarm now hosts tourneys rather than competing, his royal person cannot be risked so rashly, but he itches to again take up arms in glorious sport. Sometimes he will ride out with a few of his closest advisers for days on end to clear the cobwebs his crown has gathered and indulge his more primal side. An intense devotee of his house cult Holt believes that these trips into the heartland bring him closer to Lewenlan, and dislikes the presence of others on these quasi-pilgrimages, but grudgingly accepts the necessity of security for a King.


One of the most active and feared Knights at tourney of his entire generation, Holt was always the Tarabat heir, and his father was a proud and capable man who had forged a very firm alliance with the King of Valentis in the north. Holt spent much of his errantry in the wilds of Avalaigh and Branddale but his passion was tourney, where he has slain well in excess of a hundred foes. Horrible injuries speak directly to the ability of some of these foes. As a King however Holt has also discovered a knack for business and a natural talent as a negotiator. Since he has never been a leader of men, and preferred his solitary life of battle to rulership this has opened a whole new avenue for him, and he rules Tarabat not by respect, but by a combination of wealth, largesse and military accomplishment. His greatest challenge as a King outside of placating the Lion of Valentis has been the growth of the competing trade Kingdom of Kovarth, which he ruthlessly crushed over a decade ago leaving Tarabat in it’s traditional place of dominance on the northern caravan route along the Lammornian Highway.


As the King of Tarabat Holt is a polarizing man, and there are not many men within his dominion or close to his boarders who do not have an opinion about the larger than life King or his confrontational tactics. Married only after taking the throne, Holt's wife Anya has only borne him a single heir, a boy called Kador who is still just a child. Besides this Holt keeps a company of close hunting companions who act as his personal guard and travel everywhere with him. His royal reeve is a capable man named Badulf of Tarabat for whom Holt has no real esteem. Holt's former captain of the guard Volten has been sent to Tohl to assist Holt's representatives in House Ghiere in administering his assets there.


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