House Calliandra


Rank: Queen.
Badge: Gold Trident.
Colours: Blue and gold.
Patriarch: Gweneth Ur-Calliandra.
Capitol: Tohl Dannis, Coulbaigh.

"The sun is my guide, I shall never falter."



House Calliandra is perhaps best known for its tradition that only queen may lead the house, and sit on the throne of Coulbaigh, and wear the three-pronged crown, never a king. The reigning queen will traditionally always acclaim her eldest daughter heir, except in extreme cases, and will then make her eldest brother (ideally by the same husband) the ruire of Toh Rhuen, and until he takes that post he is called Prince. When the new queen ascends the throne, so does the new ruire, regardless of whether or not his predecessor is dead. The queen takes responsibility for all of the spiritual duties of her office, and the ruire commands the nation's armies in times of war. In a sense one guards the bodies of the people of Calliand, while the other guards their spirits. When there is no eligible daughter, then the nearest female blood relative becomes queen, and she will bring her brother, or closest male relative of the same generation to serve as ruire of Tohl Rhuen, even if a more direct male heir exists. Of course this happens so seldom that just who the next in line is is often unclear, and bloody wars of succession have torn Coulbaigh apart more than once in the land's long history.

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