House Deloene

The so-called Slum Princes of House Deloene are one of the many noble families based entirely in the City of Lights in Ralstaa. It is true that their influence in the districts of Old Man's Crook, The Haules, Ravvh, Fatlip and Shatterdale are some of the most disreputable, criminal and lowest income districts of the city. But Raenar Uth-Deloene is very fond of pointing out that he has no control over how his tenets live, and that he is as unhappy as anyone about the situation. However the coincidence still seems like a very great one.

Rank: Prince.
Badge: Orange Upturned Crescents on a Yellow Field.
Colours: Red and Yellow.
Patriarch: Raenar Uth-Deloene.


The Deloenes are an extensive and influential family, controlling a greater proportion of the middle city than any other noble house, but remaining relatively poor thanks to the lower class nature of these districts. Of course this is not to say that they do not lead the lifestyle of unimaginable privilege of all of the Ralstaan nobility. With extensive estates in The Lights and a small set of apartments in Rallah's Keep land has treated the Deloene's well.

House Deloene has a Watch Captain for the districts of Shatterdale and Barrowdale in their numbers, as well as the largest house gang following in all of Tohl behind them. Raenar of course denies encouraging such activity, but has admitted to occasionally funding these gangs to complete messy evictions for him when he feels that the watch are not enough, or when they simply do not do the job. Raenar's heir Uron is currently doing his service under a knight of the Palisade order in Rallah's Keep and the House Cult, the Cult of Deloene, is not actively followed outside of the house gang and has no specific tenets or scripture.

House Cult

The Cult of Deloene is a house only cult, meaning that only scions of the house can be initiated into the cult. Like many Tohl-based cults there is little deviation from the Temple of the Sun except for the specific history and proverbs of the ancestor Deloene being central to the ritual of initiation.


House Deloene is not well liked in Tohl, but with the single largest house gang in the city at their command they need few. Houses Ellene and Rein number themselves amongst the Deloene's greatest rivals and the Lerents have a history of heated competition too. House Sygard often openly speaks out against House Deloene, however all of these rivalries are bound by law to go no further than aggressive rivalry.

Notable Members


House Gang

The Deloene's are also known as the Slummers, and are the largest of the house gangs of Tohl and have been since their conclusive victory in the Barrows Street Bloodbath. Based in Ravvh, the Deloenes are cocky, confident, and usually well armed. The lack of watch assets in the districts where they operate means that Slummers usually openly carry cudgels and large sharp knives at their belts. Their general uniform is wearing one orange and one yellow ribbon around their hats and around their wrists, but in keeping with the poverty of most of their number many simply have scraps of fabric in roughly the right colours attached to them wherever possible, meaning that crudely dyed shirts and sashes are common too. Most gangers are Ralstaan, but a small body of vargor and goblyns, and even a couple of birdmen fill out the ranks.

The gang's leader Saeven Highwind makes his home in a sprawling series of rooms smashed between several ground floor buildings where he and his most trusted lieutenants live in stolen mismatched finery compared to the other homes around them, though everything is dirty and broken and ruined. Heavy drinkers, rough fighters and coarse speakers they Slummers can more commonly be found congregating at the Sign of the Broken Mug on Crook Street.

The Deloenes are loosely allied with the gangers of House Ellene at the moment, to help with the security of their holdings in The Haules and Old Man's Crook. Saeven and Siegfrid Ur Fallan have come to an agreement by which their people are unlikely to encounter one another to avoid clashes that might be harmful to this status quo. However the Deloene are almost universally disliked otherwise, and in The Haules and Old Man's Crook where Ellene and Deloene gangers work together clashes with the Lerents are especially savage and violent. The recent clash on Barrows Street left close to a hundred gangers from Lerent and Deloene dead in the streets before the watch could bring sufficient force to bear against them. The Broens and Reins have also clashed with the Deloenes frequently in battles of more than just words and fists in the districts of Fatlip and Ravvh.

Territory: Old Man's Crook, Fatlip, Ravvh, The Haules, Shatterdale.
Leader: Saeven Highwind.
Members: 610 approx.

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