House Demier

House Demier were granted new lands in Cannavin after their lands in Balleymoore were restored to their rightful rulers in House Kielshoene. The Demier once dwelt in the famous halls of Caer Nerendar, but now they have been made to make do with a new estate at Caer Linden. Understandably the sons of Demier resent this to their marrow, once one of Balleymoore’s greatest powers they joined Viran Uth-Rallis when his army appeared on their boarders in the hope of surviving his conquest untouched, however they were immediately stripped of the title King and made Thanes. Later Viran’s knights returned under the command of Voere, and the Baron, a good friend to all loyal Shaeish, found house Demier’s claim to Balleymoore to be fraudulent, and restored the lion’s share of their lands to the obscure and unlanded traditionalist House Kielshoene, giving House Demier an unwanted corner of his own domain as compensation. The furious Thane Demier went to court, but Viran would not even take an audience with him. Subsequently house Demier has been in protest of their treatment at the hands of the High Throne ever since the unification, unfortunately, in the eyes of the High Throne, that means very little.

Rank: Thane
Badge: Five Red Stars on a Black Field
Colours: Yellow, Blue and Black
Patriarch: Roan Ur-Demier
Capitol: Demiersholm, Cannavin


House Demier’s patriarch is Thane Roan Ur-Demier. He still wears his lines crown, along with his ceremonial armour, and demands that people refer to him as ‘your majesty’, but despite this inability to accept the circumstances that have fallen upon his house, he remains a reasonable, if imperious, man. Roan is aging, but was thought of as strikingly handsome in his youth. His house is still wealthy and he spends his money keeping a court the like of which is seldom seen in Ralstaan noblemen. A former Tierellic Knight and a capable and proud warrior, Roan is a man of few words and deep honour. He resents and hates what has been done to his family, and what they have been reduced to, but he honours his vows to his High King, wielding his loyalty like a weapon in the monarch’s face, to remind him that he and his line have only been punished for their continued loyalty. Despite his superior and bitter nature he enjoys the opulence of his court and the awe of foreign dignitaries. Unmarried, Roan has two brothers, both of whom have three strong, healthy sons. Unless he makes arrangements for his succession soon, however, this tiny realm may find itself split again by a war of succession.

House Cult

The Cult of Demier is devoted to a heroic warrior who was helmsman of Rallah's boat as she crossed to the shores of Ralstaa, and lot his life in the raging waters. In return for his bravery and loyalty Rallah actually raised his son until he was of age to become a warrior in her house, and so the Demier line is an honoured one. The cult teaches it's adherents the value of loyalty and sacrifice, and that all that they have belongs by right to Rallah, who saved them from the Sundering. The cult invites all followers of the Temple of the Sun in Demier lands to become adherents should they wish, and many community leaders do.


House Demier is a staunch foe of House Keilshoene who now sit in the halls of their castle, and also of House Mavyn whose lands they were moved onto. Even their relationship with the Voeres is a cool one, and they are treated as a burden, unwanted interlopers in an already crowded corner of the Starwood. Bitterness has kept the Demiers from making many friends either, and while they are well liked when they move their court to Tohl in the autumn months they have few houses or individuals they could truly call allies, however Roan himself can always count on the aid of his old brothers in arms in the Tierellic Order should he need it.

Notable Members


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