House Döron

House Döron is unique in Ralstaa, in that it has only a single member - it's founder, the so called Rat King of Tohl Maralkar. As far as the royal university can tell Döron has no living relatives, is unmarried, has no offspring, and is only deserving of his own heraldry (and thus his own house) by distinction of ruling the city of Viran Uth-Rallis' origin, and thus being a necessary member of the Oercorast. Most historians hope that House Döron will become lost in the annals of the High Kingdom before it acquires any distinction worth recalling.

Rank: 'Rat King'
Badge: Döron's formal heraldry is a black rat on a blue field, but he more commonly uses a knot of dead rats, bound at the tail on a stick as a grizzly sort of banner.
Colours: Blue and Black
Patriarch: Döron, the Rat King
Capitol: Tohl Maralkar

"Mine is the kingdom that kings forsook. Their scorn is my might."


House Cult

If the Rat King has any desire to found a cult devoted to himself he has made no indication, but in any case the Temple of the Sun has always been clear that a house cult can only be devoted to a deceased ancestor.


Döron is without notable friends or foes. He knows that no one wants his corrupt, crumbling city, and he also knows that no one would dare cross him for fear that his wealthy and powerful underworld allies might mobilize their agents against them, so Döron stops just short of being openly antagonistic to other noble houses. Of course he knows that the High King would crush him as a matter of principle should he be impertinent to an Aetheling, and so he fauns and gushes odiously - and with blatant disingenuity - to those he sees as his social superiors. Anyone else trying to practice politics with him, or worse trying to establish themselves as better than the rat king, are treated to a series of profanities and vulgarities for which he is, quite justly, famed the high kingdom over.

Notable Members


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