House Ghiere

House Ghiere, former masters of Caer Ghiere, the castle that protected the Silver River as it forked and flowed into The City, was once one of the great defender houses of Tohl, and also one of the land's original five claimants alongside Houses Sygard, Deresh, Kloern and Gilneth. Today the house is one of the major trade powers of The City, controlling land in Brooke Moore and Ghiedlen, and dominating Faldon Vaults and Buinebridge. In addition the house controls the majority of the trade routes coming up the Lammornian Highway through Tarabat via an exclusive contract with House Lewenlan. As a result the Ghiere line have grown fat and rich since they abandoned their ancestral castle for a manor in Birdhe. If this was not enough their house gang, better known as the rabbits, dominates Brooke Moore unchallenged, giving the Baron yet more influence around his power base.

Rank: Baron
Badge: Three Hares
Colours: Yellow and Red
Patriarch: Sigar Ur-Ghiere

"Swiftness saves not the hare."

The Baron himself, Sigar Ur-Ghiere, fancies himself something of a scholar, and has taken to the luxury and free time his lofty position affords him, collecting ancient tomes of incalculable value as other might collect mementos. He is well read, but he has never applied any of this information to his own ends, and some think this an immense waste of an excellent private library. Others accuse him of being merely a lapdog of Holt Uth-Lewen of Tarabat, but the Baron's power at least equals that of his staunch southern ally.

House Cult

The Cult of Ghiere is devoted to one of Rallah's latter day handmaidens, one of the Ral warrior-maidens. While the cult does adhere closely to the Temple of the Sun it does so with one specific difference, Ghiere adherents can be of either gender, but only women can conduct religious ceremonies, or commune with Rallah, or pray to her. The cult does not believe that Rallah only listens to women, simply that a woman is more suited to pray to a woman.


House Ghiere has few friends or allies within Tohl, basing itself in districts that are almost totally under control of Baron Ghiere, the house's gang is the only real firm ally . Outside of the city however House Ghiere is firmly bound to it's ally House Lewenlan of Tarabat in Avalaigh.

Notable Members


House Gang

The Ghieres, also known as the 'Brooke Bridge Boys' and 'The Rabbits' are one of Tohl's larger House Gangs, but also some of the least active in terms of clashes with other gangs, only really having their territory around Brooke Bridge in The Rookery challenged by other gangs. As a result they tend to be cocky, strutting and preening from bullying local people rather than seasoned brawlers. Rabbits wear a broad orange sash around their waists and an orange ribbon around their hats, and most braid their hair and attempt to dress in the finest clothing that they can afford, and strut about like peacocks. Usually at least one of their number will normally carry a pole with a rabbit skin nailed to it when they go out in the public, carried like a sort of banner. The weapon of choice is almost universally a slim stiletto slipped into the boot, but some individuals have embraced the Ghanish throwing knife as a nasty surprise across a taproom.

Based in Brooke Moore, the leader of the gang is Valarn Uth Dole. Unlike most of his followers, Uth Dole is a grim, unpleasant man who has a history as a hired killer. He tends to keep the company of only a few select gangers, and being welcomed to his private card games means that a ganger has really distinguished himself from the throng. Valarn keeps a townhouse on the southern side of the Brooke Bridge, and the Ghieres are instructed to hold that bridge as their territory no matter the foe. As a result even shoppers on the bridge who have made an unfortunate colour choice in their attire suffer the attentions of a pack of Rabbits.

Clashing in the Rookery with the House Taliniere and Cavish gangs, the Ghieres are left mostly alone as these two focus most of their attentions on one another. They have made a wise alliance with the other power of the Rookery, the Kevvhs, and both gangs have agreed to bide their time and wait, and when a clear winner between the Taliniere and Cavish gangs has emerged they will swoop in and divide The Rookery between themselves.

Territory: Brooke Moore, Faldon Vaults, The Rookery
Leader: Valarn Uth-Dole
Members: 420 approx.

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