House Kand

House Kand were one of the largest houses in the service of the Princes of Mavyn and served as advisors and councillors to their court. When the Red Princes surrendered only House Kand was forewarned, and they offered their surrender to the High King mere days before and were promised their ancestral lands as reward. While there is a little lasting resentment of House Mavyn, the sons of House Kand generally sympathise with their old allies, at least superficially. They are one of the ancient Shaeish houses, and have made a legacy of enduring no matter what strife their homeland undergoes. The ancient longhouse that makes up their manor is the oldest estate in Cannavin and members of the house can trace their lineage right back to the departure of the Ral from the isle of men. They have been knights, noblemen, mage kings and now they return to their place as aristocrats, but at all times they have been survivors.

Rank: Thane
Badge: The 'Kand Eye'
Colours: Red and White
Patriarch: Allan Kand
Capitol: Kandsholm, Cannavin


Intensely devoted to their house spirit, the whispering forest dweller Greenfingers, the house verges on heresy by openly worshiping at their family glade. They have been know to turn priests from their door and while they make a show of loyalty local houses are all very aware that their loyalties lie with House Kand alone and they will do whatever is best for them at the time.

House Cult

Thanks to the worship of Greenfingers and prior to that the devotion to the Mavyn Mage Kings, the Cult of Kand is long lost.


House Kand has, on occasion, been a sympathetic ally of the Red Princes, and this has earned them a certain ire from House Voere and, to a lesser extent, House Taloth. But were battle lines ever drawn none have any doubt that House Kand would stand alongside the High King. Whether this would be out of loyalty or from a surety that the Red Princes would lose that battle, only Allan Kand can tell.

Notable Members

Allan Kand
The current Patriarch of House Kand is Thane Allan Kand, a young man newly come upon his title after his father stood down as soon as his son returned from the City of Lights. Trained at the royal university and having served as a page at the royal court, Allan is familiar with the trappings of aristocracy, but also displays the same intense loyalty to himself seen in all of his house’s sons. He is considered quite dashing among his people, and much liked and respected for his courtly manner and acute intellect. Allan is a staunch Shaeish son and despite his education, he retains a firm grasp of ancient tradition, and family and ritual are very important to him – far more than the manners of the conquering High King to the east, for whom he has a thinly veiled contempt.

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