House Keilshoene

The Kings of House Keilshoene were once the undisputed rulers of all Kileirey, one of the mightiest houses in the Shaeish west of Ralstaa. However the Keilshoenes were staunch opponents of the Caldares, both wealthier and stronger than the Princes of Caldare in the pre-reformation days, that when Viran finally marched on them Alan Caldare persuaded him to make an example of this great house, resettling them in a foreign land, stripping all that was once theirs - won over generations by might and guile - and elevating their retainers, and Lleweith invaders, to rule in halls that once flew the black key.

Rank: King
Badge: Black key on a gold field
Colours: Black and gold
Patriarch: Derek of Keilshoene
Capitol: Caer Nerendar, Balleymoore



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