House Lewenlan

House Lewenlan ruled Tarabat and southern Avalaigh under the Avalaigh-Foerde line before the reunification of Viran Uth-Rallis. Earning their freedom when Rallis spit Avalaigh, the Uth-Lewens turned on the Kings of Avalaigh, aligning themselves with the conquering northerner after consulting with their household priest and being told that he was indeed Rallah reborn into the world. As a result the House Lewenlan were amongst the first royalist houses, but because they could not muster a force strong enough to come on campaign with Rallis they were not so well rewarded as the Uth-Caldares or the Uth-Voeres, who earned great largess after the settlement of the High Kingdom. Descended from the hero Lewenlan, and ancient warrior in the service of Rallah herself, the line has an ancient and very decorated lineage, and most of it's heirs have been accomplished and feared knights bachelor, though there has been little involvement with the orders, and considerably more involvement with the house cult than the Canonate.

Rank: King
Badge: Black Lion Rampant
Colours: Black and Green
Patriarch: Holt 'Strongarm' Uth-Lewen
Capitol: Tarabat, Avalaigh



House Cult

The Cult of Lewen is a strong and well established one, closely tied with the old ways of the Temple of the Sun. It's general beliefs are strongly martially inspired, and while it is not overtly what would be called a warrior cult it definitely resembles one. Adherents live by a strict code of conduct that demands piety and thanks at all times, and also places a great deal of emphasis on the individual's ability to achieve goals for himself and care for himself and make his own needs. In this way it demand that an adherent strive for excellence in all things to reflect his worthiness of the faith Rallah places in him.


House Lewenlan has good if not prominent standing in the court of the High King, and the King is welcome at the autumn court, though he seldom likes to leave the wilds where he prefers to spend the colder months hunting. He has a patchy relationship with his neighbors, the unpredictable House Valent are generally an ally of Tarabat, but cannot be counted on. Lammornia is dependent on trade routes that run directly through House Lewenlan's lands, and so there is an amicable situation between the two, and Avalaigh, on the other side of the Spearmarches, needs no more enemies than Valentis, and so leaves Tarabat as much to it's own devices as possible. Holt is firmly allied with Sigar Ur-Ghiere of House Ghiere in Tohl, where all of Tarabat's trade routes terminate. The Baron controls a lot of lucrative assets in Tohl for which Holt provides goods, gold and often protection.

Notable Members

Holt 'Strongarm' Uth-Lewen
The current patriarch of the house is King Holt 'Strongarm' Uth-Lewen, King of Tarabat and Kovarth, a man who was prolific at tourney and a conquering leader who expanded the house's ancient considerably after taking Kovarth from House Slaine early in his rule. While he inspires a great deal of fear and awe, Holt is not a statesman and he knows it, assigning these duties to able lieutenants as much as possible. He may not be praised for such actions, but it certainly reflects wisdom. However his potency in single combat and modest ability as a commander on the field of battle has won him much.

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