House Lôthar


Rank: King
Badge: The fabled Golden Zmey of Byrnham is the symbol of the Kings of Byrnham.
Colours: Red and Black
Patriarch: Lôthar Kingslayer
Capitol: Tohl Freygayne, Byrnham

"Burn in my wrath."


House Cult

Because Lôthar himself is the founder of the house, and has forsaken the names of whatever notable ancestors he may have had, the house will have no house cult until Lôthar's death. Then, should his name and likeness be entered into the hall of heroes, his son Trystrum will have the honour of founding the latest of the temple of the sun's hero cults.


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Notable Members

Lôthar Kingslayer
Lôthar Kingslayer, and his son Trystrum Uth-Lôthar are the sole members of the house at present. Lôthar was never married to Trystrum's mother, and seems to have no intention of taking the common woman who bore his son as a wife now that he is a king. Lôthar does have an elder brother, Karam, who commands a modest privateer fleet, and who was instrumental in the King's securing his domain. Most assume that, were anything to happen to Lothar, Karam would be named regent until Trystrum came of age, and the prospect of a ruthless mercenary privateer as their ruler scares the people of Byrnham, so most of the court have spent a good deal of time trying to find a suitable local bride for the King.

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