House Mavyn

The Princes of House Mavyn were the rulers of Cannavin and still control much of it within their new domain. Staunch resisters of the High King, the Princes were among some of the last to join the High King, leaving many of their allies to make all out war with the High Kingdom's forces. Despite this betrayal they have never truly recognized the King’s dominion, and while they never openly defy him, royal missives never arrive and reports from royal agents are stiff and formal, and generally accompanied by the agent’s resignation in favour of service with House Mavyn. The Red Princes have continued their cabalistic tradition. They flatly refuse to send a paige to court, refusing to register any births or deaths with the High King. Subsequently the same four princes have jointly ruled the land for the past three hundred years. Their sons are named after their fathers, and if the cabal grows then several of the same individual are seen around the Mavyn lands. Currently there are six Princes, though in Tohl only four are declared, all of claim to be lethally proficient in the use of magic for deception and destruction, though little real evidence of this exists. The Princes care little for their serfs, they are simply a source of human subjects and a way of obtaining food. As a result their taxes are light and they do little for or to their people, simply ignoring them until they become useful. Most of the town leaders are under some dire magic, and report any unusual activity directly to the princes agents, and the crimson clad Red Guard patrol the lands constantly, making their presence felt by extracting whatever they please from the peasants.

Rank: Prince
Badge: Plain Red Field
Colours: Red
Patriarch: Ranier Mavyn
Capitol: Caer Mavyn, Cannavin

"Kneel only in death."

The Red Princes meet every time one of the moons waxes, other than that they remain cloistered in the many squat towers of Caer Mavyn conducting experiments or looking for a power that will let them break away from these irritating allies once and for all and seize their places in the immortal heavens. They desire power above all things, and value knowledge incalculably. In the face of such apathy their people make what living they can and try to appease the Red Guard with gifts and compliance. For their part the Red Guard, commanded by Derevin Mavyn a cousin of the Mavyn line and a brutal and arrogant man with a taste for fine things. He hates the backwater in which his noble family is confined and longs to march with crimson banners upon the Lion’s Watch, and maybe even to the walls of Caldare. The rest of the Princes remain enigmatic, seldom sighted except in massed guard and hooded and robed so as not to reveal that they are indeed the descendants of the ancient princes, and not in fact mighty immortals. Nearly everyone realizes this is the case, and they deal with it blatantly as a thinly veiled statement of defiance. Of course some whisper that rumours of falsified longevity could be the best way to conceal something more monstrous with mundane assumptions.

House Cult

House Mavyn does not recognize the authority of the High King of Ralstaa or of his ancestor Rallah, as a result they have no house cult, and whoever Mavyn was, he or she has long since been expunged from the Hall of Heroes.


House Mavyn has no friend left, but numbering amongst their enemies are Houses Voere, Toricron, Kand, Demier, Taloth and Caldare as well as House Rallis given their treatment of the High King's law and agents. In fact, were it not for the mythology around the great arcane abilities of the Red Princes they may not have survived, and it is certain that they will at least be tested in the very near future unless they show more willingness to obey.

Notable Members


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